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Thursday, July 13

The Secluded Gotan Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan

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The jetski is waiting in Gotan Beach, Santa Ana, Cagayan
To get to Gotan Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, you just need to go straight ahead passing by the side of Anguib Beach. You will get to see the entrance of Anguib Beach on your right side, but do not stop, instead drive straight ahead until you see a forest of aguho “pine” trees in the vicinity. However, if you do not have the pass to visit the area, you won’t be able to see Gotan Beach because the beach is not accessible to general public.

Part 11 of The Northeast Diaries

This secluded beach is actually owned by a powerful political family. Hence, only guests are allowed to visit and enjoy the vicinity. This is where the rest house of this political entity is located. During breaks and vacation days, the family goes in here to relax and be one with nature.

Anguib Beach does have whiter and wider sand beach, but Gotan Beach is picturesque because of the Babuyan islets nearby. Jetski is available, although I have mentioned that Gotan Beach is only accessible by those who were invited and who have the pass to visit the area.

Riding an ATV to tour the complex

One of the Babuyan rocky islets

I love Gotan Beach because of the aguho forest nearby plus the sights of mangrove areas. It is truly relaxing to stay in Gotan Beach. There are several amenities as well aside from the jetski. Kayaks and ATVs are also available. When I went there, the ATV ride was fun. I was able to visit the Nangaramoan Beach, where local tourists go. We also toured the untouched beaches of Santa Ana plus the forests.
Feel the nature in Gotan Beach under the shades of pine trees and coconut trees

Mangrove forest in the background

Be prepared though when you go to the beaches in Santa Ana. Since the areas in Anguib and Gotan have lush mangrove forests, “niknik”, those distinct mangrove insects as small as dust, usually bite by sunset time or even earlier. How do these nikinik bite? It’s barely noticeable and the insects are almost unseen. You will only recognize that you were bitbit by these very tiny insects once you see patches of red color on your skins and most of the time they are itchy. The solution for this is for you to wear long sleeved jackets or shirts, and/or bring insect repellant lotion with you.

Beautiful lush of trees and landscape

Panoramic view of Gotan Beach rocks and islets

The proposed Beach House back then was located in Gotan Beach, within the vicinity of the coconut and aguho trees. It’s cool under the shades of these trees. I would have opted to stay for the night in Gotan Beach however I did not, because of the presence of niknik.

The view deck in Gotan Beach, Cagayan

If you get to visit Gotan Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, go for an island hopping tour because of the different small islands scattered in the Babuyan waters. Other than that, a leisurely walk tour around the beach is also a good choice. Gotan Beach and Anguib Beach are both wonderful beaches, the main difference though is that it is only Anguib Beach between the two which can be accessed by the public.

The road to Nangaramoan Beach
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