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Sunday, July 9

Jeff’s Pancit Batil Patong and Nueva Vizcaya’s G&B Buko Pie are the Best!

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Jeff's Pancit Batil Patong as pasalubong
We only spent two days and one night in Aparri, Cagayan. After that Aparri leg of our Cagayan motorcycle diaries, we headed back to Tuguegarao just in time for dinner. It will be the last time I will spend my Cagayan time with my friend and colleague because tomorrow is another day, and that another day will be spent again in the longest ride from Tuguegarao to Villasis (Pangasinan), then Pangasinan to Tarlac. It’s time to go home. But save the best for last truly!

Part 9 of The Northeast Diaries

Jeff's pancit batil patong is a winner in some of the local competition
Uwian na bes, may nanalo na. True. Just when we landed our feet in the territory of Tuguegarao in Cagayan, my friend told me we should have our dinner in the best pansiteria in town—Jeff’s Pancit Batil Patong. You see, people from Cagayan are noodle dish lovers. So I rode into that craze when I was there. Jeff’s Pancit Batil Patong was the best, according to him and according to the pansit contests held a year before we did our trip. We are not just the ones saying that the best pansit batil patong is Jeff’s. It is actually the majority.

Well, Dodie’s pancit batil patong is not a loser as it usually comes in second if not third place in the annual pansit cooking competition in Tuguegarao. So patrons of Dodie’s pansit batil patung, do not bash me haha. They’re both good tasting pansit and have strengths and differences in their own. For one, Dodie’s pansit batil patung is the saucy one and has thicker noodles. Jeff’s pansit batil patung use the smaller miki noodles but packs ingredients cooked in a subtle way.
Jeff's Panciteria along the highway

Between Jeff’s and Dodie’s, I’d prefer Jeff’s. But try Dodie’s also, because it is my own preference, and hence it’s not far that you might love Dodie’s pansit batil patung even more. The reasons why I love Jeff’s batil patung are 1) the ingredients were freshly cooked in front of our table, hot served, 2) the mixture of bean sprouts, meaty ingredients and the sauce are just good enough and 3) the soup really compliments the noodle dish. And fourth, maybe we were just hungry enough that time that we would even eat stones already haha.

Jeff’s pansiteria is located just along the highway, as far as I remember. It is a typical canteen-type eatery. Just like the other pansiteria in town, pansit batil patung is cooked right in front of you, served hot, and then topped with fresh egg like sisig, then you mix it so the egg gets cooked. Jeff’s pancit batil patong is priced the same with Dodie’s (around P60 to P80 only).

Alcala Chadly's Carabao Milk Candies and Dates of Nueva Vizcaya

I even bought this plastic canister so I can keep my pancit batil patong pasalubong

I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures in Jeff’s pansiteria because the batteries of the camera that I brought were already depleted, thanks to photos taken in Aparri and forgetting to charge them that day. Nonetheless, it was a great experience eating the best pancit batil patung in Cagayan. We finished our dinner in full stomach. It was the last time (that time) I ate noodle dish as if it was the staple. Tomorrow morning comes and I will be back to reality again.

I woke up early a day after we ate that Jeff’s pancit batil patong, so I can have the best seat in the bus. Before, we went first to the pansiteria (and another one) to buy pansit batil patung and pansit cabagan as pasalubong. The pansit survived the long 14 hours ride; however the soup that came with it was perished and smelled like rotten fish. Lessons learned, if you want pansit batil patung as pasalubong, just leave the complimentary soup that comes with it. I paid for Php300 for the larger serving of pansit batil patung and another Php 300 for the pansit cabagan. I also got some candies (carabao milk candies) from Alcala as pasalubong.

Pancit Cabagan, it has boiled eggs and chicharon (bagnet) as toppings

I rode a Five Star bus on going back to Tarlac. The trip was at 5:30 AM and was bound to Dagupan in Pangasinan. I rode that bus and told the driver to drop me off to Villasis, Pangasinan so I can ride another bus going to Tarlac.

On our way to Pangasinan, we stopped by the popular pasalubong center in Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya. I bought some boxes of G&B Buko Pie and Pineapple Pie (3 for P200). When I finally arrived in Tarlac and had a bite on the buko pie, wow, I can say it is the best buko pie in the country. Yes, Nueva Vizcaya buko pies are more delicious than the ones sold in Laguna.
The best buko pie in the universe! G&B Buko Pie of Nueva Vizcaya

It was the longest ride I ever had in my life, before I visited Santa Ana, Cagayan (that was even longer!). It was a bus ride where the sun was not up yet when I departed and the sun was already out when I arrived to my destination. Even though we haven’t visited Santa Ana, Cagayan for its white sand beaches during that time, I was lucky enough to visit Santa Ana more than a year after I visited Cagayan for the first time.

Hope to visit Calayan Island in the future as well!

The Northeast Diaries Series:

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