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Friday, March 30

Baguio Haunted White House

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Dare to get inside...and walk out alive. (Photo at haunted White House in Baguio)

Part 3 of Leonard Wood Baguio Tour
 The sequence should be the other way around, the walk tour first then eat in a restaurant. But we didn’t actually plan to do the walk tour, that’s why eating in a restaurant came first.

Anyway, 50’s Diner is just about 170 meters from the movie made popular “Haunted White House” of Baguio City. Very near indeed. So from the intersection of Leonard Wood, Gen. Luna, and Brent Road, we started our way walking the length of Leonard Wood to the Laperal White House. It isn’t actually a haunted house, but because people love to label a house that no one lives as a “haunted” house, so the story goes.

The Laperal White House or more commonly known as the Haunted White House of Baguio is a two-storey white house erected in the forest near Leonard Wood. It was chosen as the shooting scene of the Filipino horror movie “White House” starring Maricar Reyes and Gabby Concepcion. Travelers and tourists are not allowed to get inside the house; hence photos are limited just in front of the gate. *UPDATE: I heard this particular tourist spot is already open to the public.

Do not stare too long at the windows; you might not want to see anything you haven’t seen before. And if someone peeks through the main door, do not entertain it. No one lives inside the house.

And if you happen to see the gate opened, never dare go inside. If you get inside it and don’t know how to go out, just free yourself from a horrible imagination.

Just move on.

Leonard Wood Baguio Tour Travel Series
Part 3: Baguio Haunted White House

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