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Thursday, July 5

Philippine Military Academy (PMA): Baguio Premier School

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Philippine Military Academy  (PMA) in Baguio City is the most prestigious military school in the Philippines.

Philippine Military Academy (PMA) is a premier military school in the Philippines where the next Armed Forces of the Philippines officers were honed. Philippine Military Academy is a training school established back in 1936, and is located in Baguio City. It was said to be rooted from a military school established in Malolos, Bulacan in 1898 (Academia Militar) by Emilio Aguinaldo. It was modeled then after the United States Military Academy with the officers from the Philippine Scout. After the world war, it was reopened in 1947 at Camp Allen in Baguio but because of the rising number of trainees and need for a wider ground it was moved to its present location in Loakan, Baguio City.

Courage. Integrity. Loyalty. That's how you live as a military officer once you graduate in Philippine Military Academy.

Flowers adorn PMA.

Part 4 of Baguio Destinations (Again and Again)

A school inside nature--that's PMA.
Philippine Military Academy was not meant to be a Baguio tourist attraction but because you can right away visit the school without any requirement except for an identification card of yourself, PMA is a must visit for every tourist visiting this mountain city. Here you can see the wide grounds of the school dedicated to the future military leaders of the country. PMA is a wide school with different buildings with different courses offered in their curriculum. What I noticed was it was fully maintained and bushes of flowering and ornamental plants adorn the whole academy.

PMA is about 10-20 minutes from downtown Baguio. Upon entering the vicinity from the main gate of the school, one has to surrender his or her ID for security purposes. The area of the school grounds is comparable to that of Camp John Hay, but I’m not sure though if PMA is as wide as Camp John Hay. If you are lucky to go there early in the morning, you will be able to witness the students of the academy doing their drill, jogging around and training.

If ever you lost your precious watch inside Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Baguio, do not worry. There is a big "clock" just in front of the main building.
Old or vintage helicopters displayed in PMA parks.

PMA has its own museum located near the Lopez Hall of Leaders. There is an entrance fee of P10 and inside one can get to see photos of the past and present military leaders, old events involving the officers, some memorabilia and dioramas.

Priceless photos on display inside a museum near the Lopez Hall of Leaders in Philippine Military Academy (PMA).
Diorama displayed inside the said museum of PMA. It depicts how the students live the PMA life.
PMA is a school inside nature. Both the trainees and the travelers who visit the school enjoy what they see and the environment around the vicinity. Trees and a bunch of backdrops are around where you can take some photos. If you are planning to visit Baguio City, spare sometime to travel to this military academy.It not only offers the nature behind the school but also a glimpse of how military trainings are done inside the premier military school of the Philippines. If you enjoy doing walk tour in this cold city, then most probably you will enjoy wandering and exploring the Philippine Military Academy only in Baguio City.

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  1. this is so cool. matagal ko nang gusto bumisita dito... at may museum pala sa loob. ang astig lang.


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