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Sunday, September 9

How to Go to NAIA Terminal 3 from Baguio

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From Baguio, you have to ride a bus all the way to Pasay City in Metro Manila.
How to go to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 from Dagupan/Baguio/Alaminos:

1. Ride a bus bound to Pasay (not Cubao). From Baguio, fare to Pasay is less than P500. Victory Liner buses have routes going to Pasay. *From Dagupan/Alaminos, you can ride a Victory Liner bus or a Five Star bus bound to Pasay.

The upper circle is where Pasay Rotunda located. The other one is the NAIA Terminal 3 area.

2. You can actually drop off at the terminal, but, you can also drop off at Pasay Rotunda where white regular metered taxis are available for hire. Insist the driver to use the meter, otherwise get out of the cab immediately.
NAIA Terminal 3 in Pasay City
3. Tell the driver to bring you to Terminal 3 of NAIA. Fare not more than P100. Get inside the airport vicinity (to the gates where scanning machines are adjacent to it.

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  1. I am taking a first class bus from Baguio City to Pasay Terminal. If I want to get dropped off at the Pasay Rotunda that you mentioned above to be closer to airport do I just ask conductor before we start (I have luggage that I think will go underneath the bus)? Also it says bus is non-stop (I assumed this meant for bathroom breaks) but would it still stop to drop me off? Thanks in advance for any advice - no one seems to have the answer to these questions!

    1. Yes you can. Just tell the driver/conductor to drop you off to Pasay Rotunda. There are already white taxis that can take you to the departure area of the NAIA Terminal. :)

      The bus driver more likely will tell also if the bus is already near Pasay Rotunda.

  2. Hi I'm just wandering what are the name of the streets the white taxi passes by so that I can make sure he's not intending to increase the rate at the meter?

    1. Im not sure of the route but it should pass through the Airport Rd or the Andrews Ave. You must be able to see the skyline of Resorts World Manila to get to NAIA Terminal 3.

  3. Hi, do you know the schedules of the buses? How many hours to take? Thanks

  4. Hi,
    I gonna go to Manila Airport from Baguio.
    My flight will take off at night by Cebu Pacific.
    Does the bus bring me to Terminal 3 ?
    Where Can I find the schedules ?
    Please show me.
    My grateful, Amanda

    1. https://penfires.com/2017-joy-bus-schedules-baguio-tofrom-cubao-and-pasay-terminals/

  5. how long will a regular aircon bus take?

    1. Hi miss...so have you traveled from baguio to naia terminal 3?

  6. Is there shuttle bus going to terminal 3 at bus terminal in pasay?


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