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Thursday, October 4

Fort San Pedro: Another Cebu Historical Attraction

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Facade of Fort San Pedro, another historical tourist spot in Cebu City.

Being the smallest triangular and oldest fort in the Philippines, Fort San Pedro in Cebu City is another historical attraction that heritage tourists may want to check out. Fort San Pedro in Cebu was constructed under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi though the exact date of construction the stone fort was never identified. This triangular piece of history faces both land and sea and the main purpose of the structure was mainly for defense, as evidenced by its still existing centuries-old cannon. Now, Fort San Pedro can be your next tourist spot for your heritage walk tour in Cebu City.

Tropical flowers (bougainvilla) grow near the walls of Fort San Pedro, Cebu City.

Part 4 of Pious Pieces (Cebu Heritage Tour Continued)

Ferdinand Magellan's portrait inside Fort San Pedro.
Cebu’s Fort San Pedro is located near or in the Pier Area, adjacent to Pier Uno (Pier 1). So if you are planning to go to Bohol with a side trip in Cebu City, then maybe visiting Fort San Pedro for a while is a good choice. Fort San Pedro is just beside the Plaza Independencia and a few more steps to Malacanang sa Sugbo.

From Magellan’s Cross, we walked our way to Fort San Pedro. Although I don’t have any idea on how far Magellan’s Cross is from Fort San Pedro, I have it that it’s just a few blocks from the fort. If you get tired walking all the way from Colon Obelisk, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, Casa Gorordo Museum, Basilica del Sto. Nino to the fort, then maybe you can ride a jeepney passing beside the Plaza Independencia, drop off and walk a bit to the fort. But as in our case, we were totally guided by our GPS device and Google maps until we finally reached the said fort. It will take you 5-10 minutes from Magellan’s Cross to Fort San Pedro (but that still depends on your pacing).

I find the fort interesting, as again another “oldest” in the Philippines was unveiled. Imagine visiting Cebu City and hit three birds at a time—the oldest street (Colon), the oldest fort (Fort San Pedro) in the oldest city of Cebu! Cebu indeed has lots of history still imprinted in this city. I remember the days when I was still in Grade 5 and I study about Magellan, Lapu-Lapu, Legazpi and all those important characters in the past. The time I visited Cebu City, I realized they were all real, or most of it. And most of the evidences to prove their existence and their brought parts of the Philippine history were still lying here in the Queen City of the South. Structures built hundreds of years ago and so on.

Old Fort San Pedro
Marker of the fort outside Fort San Pedro
There was an entrance fee of P20 for student (P30 regular). The fort is small and you can actually go around the vicinity in less than 10 minutes. There was a good view of Cebu when you go to the top part of the fort. There were also old cannons when we went there. I just hope the city government of Cebu maintains it so that the future generations will still get the chance to see a glimpse of what used to be in the past, centuries before they were born.

Fort San Pedro
Indeed, Fort San Pedro in Cebu City is another historical tourist spot in the Central Philippines. It’s a historical attraction that every young generation should be able to visit, at least for once. By the way, Fort San Pedro is just beside the Plaza Independencia, where there is an underlying Cebu subway. The entrance of the tunnel is just a few meters from the fort.

Fort San Pedro plaque of history.

Malacanang sa Sugbo near Fort San Pedro in Cebu.

Pious Pieces (Cebu Heritage Tour Continued) Travel Series:
Part 4: Fort San Pedro: Another Cebu Historical Attraction

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  1. parang akala ko sa manila lang merong ganito may gnyan din pala sa cebu .. ug nindot kaayo pa!

    1. Yep. Meron nga. Andaming historical structures sa Cebu! :]

  2. Omigod, this was the history lesson I needed! We totally just passed by the Fort when my family and I were there last May. I have nooo idea on the history of the Fort itself! Thanks for the info!
    I just know that we went there, tanghaling tapat on one of the sunniest days of Summer and we spent like 10 minutes there. My mom and stepdad didnt even bother going up kasi di nila nakita yung stairs./

    1. Thanks for the compliment Eileen! And truly maganda rin pumunta sa mga historical sites ng Pilipinas. :)


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