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Tuesday, September 11

Cebu Cathedral: A Piece of Inheritance

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Cebu Cathedral in Cebu City is indeed a piece of inheritance devoted to the Cebuanos.

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral in Cebu City is one of the many historical landmarks that tourists can visit in this rich province of Cebu in the Central Philippines. Not only does it serve as a tourist spot for travelers and visitors, it also serves as a great worship place for Christians who are solely devoted to their religiousness. Cebu Cathedral is also a piece of inheritance from the past, as it had undergone a series of construction-reconstruction phases from bishops and leaders over their inductive-deductive reasons to build the church near the Parian district of Cebu City.

Part 1 of Pious Pieces (Cebu Heritage Tour Continued)

The Cebu Cathedral is a few more walking distance from the Cebu Heritage Monument or the Colon Street Marker or the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House (and a bit farther from the Casa Gorordo Museum). But thinking it was far from the museum, we rode a jeepney with code 5C (it will come from Colon Street then passes beside the cathedral). It was so near I realized we should’ve walked that way instead. If you happen to follow our itinerary, then it is more recommended for you to just walk your way from Casa Gorordo Museum to Cebu Cathedral.

These pillars (left and right) were said to be the ruins of the previous church constructed which unfortunately was damaged.
According to the pieces of history that I have read, Cebu Cathedral had undergone myriads of built-rebuilt story. It started all the way in 1665, when the concept to build a church in this part of Cebu was initialized. During its construction years a typhoon struck Cebu and the structure under construction was shattered. It was reconstructed after some time. Then it was again halted due to lack of funds and so on. It was in the early 1900s that the completion of the cathedral was finally realized. But not lucky enough, it didn’t withstand the wreck of the Second World War. According to historians, some archives and century old documents were not retrieved and that only means they were lost forever. Only the belfry, façade and walls of the cathedral were standing intact despite the bombings during the war. It was reconstructed again soon after and just in the year 2009 that the church have had its major renovation in tune to its 75th anniversary.

The Cebu Cathedral bell tower stands still.

A small grotto near the rectory of Cebu Cathedral.
It’s a great history indeed for a structure like this to suffer the losses of deconstruction and rise above every after the disaster. The architecture of the church is like the usual Spanish style churches constructed around the corners of the country during the colonization time. I cannot compare Cebu Cathedral with Baguio Cathedral, as the roots of the latter started from CICM of Belgium. The designs of the two churches were entirely different from one another. Baguio Cathedral appears more like a crafted castle. Cebu Cathedral on the other hand has handmade curves and accents on its façade and bell tower. And the inside, it was awesome. It’s one of the beautiful churches I have already visited in the country. And what I like most was that it was preserved (unlike the church ruins in Camiling, Tarlac).

The inside of the Cebu Cathedral is awe-inspiring. It was superbly created and designed.
I haven’t taken many shots inside the cathedral as I respect the devotions of religious Cebuanos (it was a Sunday when we went there). We just mentioned a small prayer inside the Cebu Cathedral and directly headed to Basilica of Sto. Nino in Cebu where another pious piece of legacy in Cebu is standing.  Cebu Cathedral is indeed a must-see Cebu tourist attraction in the city.

The facade of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
Pious Pieces (Cebu Heritage Tour Continued) Travel Series:
Part 1: Cebu Cathedral: A Piece of Inheritance

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