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Friday, October 26

Manila Ocean Park Featuring Asian Ghost House

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Asian Ghost House inside Manila Ocean Park, Manila City.

Manila Ocean Park in the City of Manila is a theme park consisting of the Oceanarium, Trails to Antarctica (where penguins feel at home), dancing fountain, Jellies Exhibit and a lot more. It is located just one block from Rizal Park (Or Luneta Park) and facing Quirino Grandstand. If you are on a tour to the different Manila heritage sites like Intramuros and National Museum, you might as well want to include Manila Ocean Park on your list. Just recently to attract more tourists, with Indochina Strings Philippines, they added “Asian Ghost House”, a mini-horror house in tune of Halloween this month of October.

Part 1 of Nights in Manila

Oceanarium and Hotel H2O inside Manila Ocean Park
Our Manila day tour was very quick. A typical tourists-in-a-tourist-bus-with-a-tour-guide-inside scene that is. The bus driver was so fast that by the time the tour guide said “look to your left side, that is the Quirino Grandstand blah-blah” the grandstand was already at the rear side of the bus! Sounds funny right. I didn’t get the chance to take good photos, as most of them got blurred. Maybe next time, when I get the chance to do my own walk tour in Manila.

And so we spent the nights walking along the corners of Manila. For me, I would not recommend travelers or tourists to do what we just did—to tour Manila at night. I’ll be posting a separate post about this. I don’t think it would be creepier to visit Asian Ghost House in Manila Ocean Park than walking the length of Roxas Boulevard in the middle of the night alone. Creepier isn’t it?

Manila Ocean Park

From our hotel, we took a cab to directly bring us to the entrance gate of Manila Ocean Park. It was supposed to be just P60 (our hotel is located in Malate, Manila), but we paid P100. I don’t know if taxi drivers in Manila do not know how to give the change or if it is just a norm. Honestly in my entire years living in Baguio, this had not yet happened to me. I find taxi drivers in Baguio honest to the last centavo, but in Manila, hmmm I do not know.

Circles depicting bubbles of air in water
And so we went inside Manila Ocean Park. We bought our tickets for P350, inclusive of a 5R souvenir photo. And when we saw the door that lets you go inside the Ghost House, it’s now time to back out! Oh not really. The guide there told us that the maximum number of people to get inside the ghost house is four (not bad). And since we cannot just back out or else we lose our P350, we got inside it.

I cannot tell all the things that I had experienced inside this Asian Ghost House. It’s for you to know too, but I’ll hint some things like “scream”, “run” and “shock”. They got those nice effects and good actors. We really felt the ambiance of a ghost house. But it’s “bitin”. Or maybe because we ran so fast and thought it was short haha.But if you were to ask me among horror houses inside Star City, Enchanted Kingdom and Manila Ocean Park, so far the most exciting and terrifying among them all is the one inside Manila Ocean Park and that is the Asian Ghost House.

Asian Ghost House
The Asian Ghost House inside Manila Ocean Park is open from Thursday to Saturday in the month of October 2012 from 7PM to 2AM. If you got time to frighten yourself for a while, bring your friends and experience this ghost house in Manila Ocean Park in the City of Manila.

Manila Ocean Park Rates/Fees:
Entrance Fee
P 400.00
Musical Fountain Show
Swimming and Fun
Sea Lion Show + Marine Life Habitat
Jellies Exhibit
Aquanaut Voyage
Glass Bottom Boat Ride
All Star Birdshow
5.00 per token
Shark Encounter
Penguin Talk Show
Fish Spa
Trails to Antarctica
Ultimate Experience
Asian Ghost House (October 2012 only)

There are packages so you can avail discounts.
Manila Ocean Park entrance fee

Nights in Manila Mini-Travel Series:
Part 1: Manila Ocean Park Featuring Asian Ghost House

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