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Monday, November 5

Camotes Islands: Nature and More

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Consuelo Pier in Pacijan Island of Camotes Islands

Camotes Islands are a group of islands full of mysteries. I felt it when I was there, from the time I landed on the pier of Consuelo in Camotes Island (it’s Pacijan Island and Poro but they were already interconnected and looks like just one island so I call it Camotes Island, the island with shape like the number 8), the simplicity and serenity of the island welcomes you. The island itself is a land of forests and farm, and by the time we went to ride a motorcycle and tour around the island, I saw a lot of mangrove trees. Nature is Camotes indeed.

Part 3 of Camotes Island Trip

Road in Camotes Islands
I felt I belong to the island, and getting into the island is like going to the outskirts of our town in Tarlac, with all the farms and forests and natural lakes. The tour fee of the habal-habal driver was P500 but you have to fill his motorcycle like 2 liters of gasoline. I cannot remember so well the price per liter but it was like P50-P60 or higher. But it was great. Camotes is great, the tour was awesome.

I lived several years of my life in the city, and getting into this kind of experience is just relaxing. No smoke belching and not much noise. All I saw was a circumferential splendor of the natural flora and fauna of Camotes Island. The mountains are all covered with robust trees and forest shrubs! If I would have the means to go to Pilar then it would be better to know more of the Camotes Islands.

Camotes from afar.

There were several tourist spots in Camotes Islands but I did not get the chance to see them all because it was just a day tour that we planned in Camotes. In one day, we were able to visit Lake Danao Park, Timubo Cave and the Santiago White Beach. Three unique tourist destinations with different ambiance. Aside from the three, I heard there were still other natural tourist sites like Mangodlong Beach (and rocks I think, we were supposed to here but it was already drizzling and we need to catch the 4PM ferry), another underground cave in Tudela, hiking the mountains of Camotes, bunch of beaches and more.

View of Camotes from Santiago White Beach
Camotes rocks
The first Camotes tourist spot that we visited was the Lake Danao Park. I don’t remember how long will it take you to reach Lake Danao Park from the pier, but I guess it was 10-20 minutes. Not really far, Camotes Island is a small island. And when I saw the lake (it was my first time to see a natural lake that big) I realized how small Burnham Park was in Baguio. Lake Danao Park and Camotes Islands are linked together. It’s a must to visit it when you plan to go nature strolling along the roads, countryside and forests of Camotes Island.

Clear waters in Camotes


Camotes Island Trip Travel Series:
Part 3: Camotes Islands: Nature and More

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  1. Now I missed the laid back life in Camotes Island. I would have wanted to stay a little bit longer // time constraints tsk tsk


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