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Tuesday, November 13

Timubo Cave and Santiago White Sand Beach in Camotes

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The powdery white sand beach of Santiago in Camotes Island.

Timubo Cave is an underground cave featuring gigantic stalactites and stalagmites with an end destination of a crystal clear water pool. On the other hand, Santiago White Sand Beach (or Santiago White Beach) in Camotes is a public beach with cream colored sand shore. Both tourist attractions are a must see when one visits Camotes. Aside from Lake Danao Park where you can enjoy kayaking, Camotes is also a cool place to swim underground pools and play beach volleyball.

Part 5 of Camotes Island Trip

As I have said on an earlier post, I nearly lost all my photos in Camotes. Sadly I did not expect that my camera memory card was corrupted and only a few pictures of Camotes were left. Nonetheless, Timubo Cave is one of the best caves for an underground swimming. The pool inside it is refreshing.

This was the only surviving photo of Timubo Cave in my Camotes Island trip.
Timubo Cave is minutes away from Lake Danao Park. At first it was just like a hole that I have to get into, until I got in and saw the rock formations inside the cave: that was awesome! It’s slippery inside the cave so I advise future travelers to take care when they walk inside the cave (though it is already well lit and has stairs going down). You’ll just have to experience a beginner’s experience of caving…and the priceless journey inside Timubo Cave will lead you to a natural pool.

Santiago White Beach, Camotes
 The pool inside it is about five feet and so, so if you have kids with you, you better keep an eye on them. The floor is rough, be careful. There is still a way inside Timubo Cave, but I did not happen to explore it because it’s far and I’m not good at swimming.

There is an entrance fee but I’m not sure if it’s P15 (but it is something like that). After the cave, we headed to their public beach that is Santiago White Beach. The beach has a long and wide area of cream sands. Though the beach is not really that maintained (seaweeds and dried leaves were dispersed), the beach still has the natural beauty because just in front of it there are islands visible. I am not sure if they are Bohol or Leyte or just some lost islands but that unique view makes Santiago White Beach an edge to other white sand beaches in the country.

Santiago White Sand Beach, Camotes Islands
View of islands in Santiago White Sand Beach in Camotes
 There is no entrance fee to the beach but there are cottages that you can use for a price. We just stayed on the shore for just an hour. We were supposed to visit Mangodlong, another beach in Camotes but we needed to catch the 4PM trip so we skipped that part on our itinerary. Maybe next time we’ll see Mangodlong, but for this trip, Lake Danao Park, Timubo Cave and Santiago White Sand Beach in Camotes is already enough for a fully-packed Camotes island trip.

Camotes Island Trip Travel Series:
Part 5: Timubo Cave and Santiago White Sand Beach in Camotes

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