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Tuesday, November 20

How to Go to Camotes Island (with Maps)

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Camotes Island map

Camotes Island is an island of different tourist destinations like LakeDanao Park, Timubo Cave and Santiago White Beach. To go to this island, you have to ride a ferry from the Danao port.

To go to Camotes Island from Cebu City:

In our trip we headed to the street along Cebu Cathedral and rode jeepney with the code 12I (fare around P8.00) and dropped by the North Bus Terminal. One block from the street you can ride 01K which also passes by the North Bus Terminal.

Cebu-Camotes map
 *You can ride taxicab but it will be more expensive.

North Bus Terminal Cebu map
 Inside North Bus Terminal, we rode the bus going to Borbon, a town in the northern part of Cebu. Regular fare to Danao is P40. We were supposed to ride a jeepney/v-hire directly bound to Danao but no passengers yet (we arrived at the terminal around 7 AM). Travel time approximately one hour.
 We dropped off beside the road near the pier. We bought tickets (Jomalia Shipping Corp. regular ticket price @ P180, children 7 years old and below @ P90). The ferry ride is approximately two hours.
Danao Pier Cebu map
Danao pier (gonig to Camotes Island) is near the church of Danao.
 When we arrived in Camotes, we hired a habal-habal driver to bring us to the different tourist spots in Camotes Island. To go to Camotes Island’s tourists spots, you have to hire or rent vehicles, unless you will bring your own car. We paid the driver P500 to bring us to the different tourist spots and also paid two liters I think of gasoline for his motorcycle (I cannot remember the price anymore but I guess it’s around P100). You will have a whole day tour for the trip and you have to insist the driver to bring you to all of the tourist spots but of course you have to be aware of your time and the scheduleof ferries going back to Cebu Island.

On going back from Camotes Island to Cebu Island:

You have to ride the slow ferry (same fare). It will bring you back to Danao port. From the port, you can actually walk your way to the jeepney and van terminal that goes back to North Bus Terminal in Mandaue. But you can also ride a pedicab if you are already tired (P20-30 fare). From the terminal, we rode a jeepney back to North Bus Terminal (P30 fare).

Part 6 of Camotes Island Trip

Camotes Island Trip Travel Series:
Part 6: How to Go to Camotes Island (with Maps)

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    1. good day alfred. me and my friends are thinking of going to camotes in may this year and we were thinking about hiring a van for our trip. can we hire your van without your drive like we want to hire for a self drive for 2 days? how much are your rates for the van and multicab?
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  2. Hi, would you know the bus schedule going to Danao-Camotes port from Cebu North Terminal?
    thank you in advance!

  3. Hi, would you know the bus schedule going to Danao-Camotes port from Cebu North Terminal?
    thank you in advance!


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