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Wednesday, December 26

Baguio Country Club Featuring the Christmas Village

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Snowman inside the Christmas Village of Baguio Country Club, Baguio City.

The Christmas Village inside Baguio Country Club, a golf course and resort adjacent to Camp John Hay, is an annual theme park created for tourists who are longing to experience Christmas like never before. The Christmas Village features dwarf houses, kids’ playground and a stage where acts are shown. Baguio is colder in December and experiencing the cold weather in this theme park, plus the feel of its “snow show” is a must.

Whoa the "snow" cover the lamp!

The Christmas Village was created for kids—and adults who think like kids (haha). It’s a family theme park where parents can bring their kids to enjoy the snow show. The vicinity is small though compared to other Christmas villages. But at least its ambiance and because Baguio is colder compared to other cities in the country, this outdoor park is a hit. There were so many tourists when we went to see the village.

The Christmas Village is better visited by night (I am not sure if they open by day). I think it’s the snow show that made this limited-time park hit in the city. But aside from the snow show (which really looked like snow but they were soap bubbles), the theme park also offers ballerina dance show and shadow and light show (I don’t know how it is called). All the decorations like the Christmas trees were made out of recycled bottles (they are pretty creative). There are also people in costume who you can call for a photo souvenir. Not sure if I saw Santa Claus though haha.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow in Baguio!

Recycled bottles make up a Christmas tree in this popular limited-time theme park of Baguio.
The entrance fee inside the park is P40. To go to Christmas Village, you can hire a taxi for about P60+. You can also ride a jeepney going to Mines View Park, stop at the Pacdal Circle and walk your way to Christmas Village. There are also jeepneys with sign to Country Club. If you are in Baguio this Christmas, you can visit the Christmas Village of Baguio Country Club by night and add some spice out of your usual Christmas vacation in the City of Pines. 

Dun lang may snow haha! (Christmas Village, Baguio Country Club)

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