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Wednesday, May 25

Baler Tourist Spots, Maps and Guide

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Baler tourist attraction map and guide
Baler, Aurora is an emerging tourist town comparable, but less crowded, to Sagada and Baguio City. Tourist destinations in downtown Baler are walkable since some of them are very near each other like Museo de Baler, Rolling Stores, Quezon Ancestral House and Baler Catholic Church. However, some other Baler tourist attractions in the greater Baler area, are farther, like the Millenium Tree and Ditumabo Falls. The farthest tourist spot in Baler area is the Ampere Beach which is already located in the town of Dipaculao, Aurora.

Here are some of the Baler tourist spots in the province:
Museo de Baler
Engage in some of the historical side of the town of Baler. Inside the museum, you will get to see the old artifacts and items traded during the earlier times.

Quezon Ancestral House
Meet the old house of Aurora Aragon, wife of Manuel L. Quezon. The house is a small one, so exploring the area is pretty fast. What's amazing in here is the fact that the people of Baler have preserved it until this time.
Baler Catholic Church
Baler Catholic Church is located just in front of Quezon Ancestral House so do not miss this spot in Baler. Remember, most towns in the Philippines have churches at their centers.

Sabang beach in the evening

The number one surfing spot in Baler. This Baler tourist destination is undisputedly the most popular among all others. Here, you can learn how to surf since the waves are for neophytes. This is also where most of the Baler resorts and inns are located.

Ampere Beach in Dipaculao, Aurora

Not located in Baler, this tourist attraction is a must-see. The sunrise beautiful beach is one of the memorable and astonishing tourist destination in Baler. This is also where Ampere Cave is located. Just word of advice though, be careful in this part of Aurora since the waves are huge and the area is full of big rocks that when you slip will break your skull and bones.

Unleash your monkey skills in Millenium Tree, Maria Aurora, Aurora

One of the oldest of its kind in the whole Asia, an exotic climb to the top is a must try for tourists. This tourist spot in Aurora are for those who have leveled up monkey skills. The views on top of the tree are like views when you were still kids dreaming on a tree house.
Dip in the cold waters of Ditumabo Falls, San Luis, Aurora

Ditumabo Falls or Mother Falls is the most popular waterfalls in the province of Aurora. Bumpy rides and trekking is required to reach the tourist attraction. When you reach it, dip on its very cold water. Just be careful though that sometimes (but rarely) mountain snakes may also visiting the vicinity.

Overlooking view on top of Ermita Hill, Baler, Aurora
Statues of the survivors of the giant tsunami that hit Baler sometime in 18th century are turned into tourist destination. This Baler tourist attraction is a must see since on top of Ermita Hill is an overlooking view of Baler beaches.

Do not miss these tourist destinations in Baler when going to Diguisit or Dicasalarin. When low tide, you can reach some of the islets just simply by walking.

Diguisit Falls in Baler, Aurora
This waterfalls in Baler is located just beside the road. But do not be fooled by its location. Ascending to the water pool of the falls is a challenge and soaking on its pool is relaxing.

Photo ops in Diguisit Beach

One of the most beautiful views in Baler is here in Diguisit Beach. Islets scattered over the horizon are a must see. Soak under the scorching of the sun in this Baler tourist spot.

Enjoy beaching in Dicasalarin Cove. Not all tourists go here, so you can enjoy a somewhat more tranquil place to find oneself.

This beach in Casiguran, Aurora is one of the not so visited tourist attractions in Aurora. Though not as white as the sands of Boracay, surely, you will enjoy the peaceful life in the beach.

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