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Friday, January 2

A Night of Grilled Food in Sabang Beach, Baler

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Sabang Beach in Baler, Aurora
The trike drivers brought us to Baler Market to buy some slices of pork and other ingredients needed for our dinner. After a few minutes of buying, we headed to Sabang Beach, where Jamjen’s transient rooms were located. The streets going to Sabang Beach are narrow, but growing opportunities are as wide as the ocean in this part of Baler, Aurora.

Part 6 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

Baler Public Market
It was already getting dark when we finally arrived at Jamjen’s transient rooms. Jamjen’s transient rooms were just right for travelers and tourists who are on a budget but need a decent room to stay in Baler. We called Jamjen’s prior to our booking and haggled down the price at P1500 for two rooms (non-aircon) good for 5 people (see Baler Tips and Guide for Jamjen’s contact number). The truth is, we can just rent one room and pay for extra bed, however, we decided to get two rooms since we were a group of two men and three ladies. Aircon rooms (~P1500/room) are a bit pricier than non-aircon rooms.

After fixing our things and checking in our luggage and bags in our designated rooms, we eagerly went to the shore which is just less than a minute away. It wasn’t spectacular, except for the jaw-dropping mountain backdrops of the beach. Maybe it is best visited during sunrise. The sands are of ordinary river sand like, gray-black in color but what Sabang Beach in Baler makes it famous is its killer waves. Literally, I think, the waves really are killer, because when we soaked our feet up to our knees as we go farther from the shore, the waves were like as high as a man’s height. The water level which touches our knees goes as high as our head when the waves approach us. Cool. Sabang Beach really has big waves! A total opposite to Tambobong Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan where the waters are calm. One thing we concluded—Sabang Beach is not for an ideal swimming.

Grilling our pork for dinner

Jamjen's transient rooms in Bgy, Sabang, Baler, Aurora
A historical tour brought us wanting to explore the nature side of Aurora. Museo de Baler, Aragon-Quezon House and the Siege of the Church of Baler drove us to Sabang Beach where we enjoyed soaking our feet and knees, walking on the sands and waiting until the daylight is over. It was already evening when we reached Sabang Beach, so we got a fairly few chances to explore the beach. Besides, my friends who were brave enough to go further to the waves (meters away from the shore) told me that they felt stings or bites while they were in the ocean. Probably, jellyfish are in the house, I don’t know.

The surfing season comes in from December to February, when Hanging Amihan (Northeast Monsoon) prevails. However, I find the waves still good even the cooler season is off. As they say, when one is still a newbie in surfing, the best site for him to learn surfing is Sabang Beach here in Baler. It’s a newbie’s surfing haven.
Grilling time for dinner!
When the blackness of the night finally devoured what’s left of the daylight, we decided to go back to our transient rooms. By the way, Sabang Beach is where you can find most of the resorts, from higher end to budget friendly. When we went to the shore, we actually made our way through a resort and a restaurant. There is no entrance fee whatsoever in visiting Sabang Beach.

We want to enjoy Baler with a swimming pool; however there are only a few resorts which have pools when we went there. Anyway, we still enjoyed the night by grilling our food for dinner. The owners of Jamjen’s are very accommodating, and so if you are looking for a decent transient room to stay in Baler where the staff are accommodating and feel as if it’s your home away from home, don’t hesitate to book your room at Jamjen’s. When we were there, they even provided us things we needed in our grill and cook activities. They also told us that there are also accredited trike drivers in Sabang Beach where you can hire them for the tour. You can look for accredited trike drivers in downtown, or in this case, in Sabang Beach. I will not be posting the contact numbers of the trike drivers we hired so as to be fair with other accredited trike drivers in Baler. Note though, your trike drivers have to be accredited tourist guide too or else.
The East Coast @ Sabang Beach, Baler

We got some gin and beer to booze during that night. But it was just light because we need to wake up early tomorrow morning for our first nature stop which is in Ampere Beach in Dipaculao. Our two days, one night tour is already an organized schedule of tour in Baler, so you may follow our itinerary (posted at the end of Baler-Aurora series) for your trip. Words of advice—your Baler trip has to be organized or you will fail to get to one tourist spot. Some of the tourist spots can be visited along the way to another tourist spot.

As far as I remember, we visited most of the tourist spots in Baler in less than two days, although the trip is very tight. We enjoyed it. That night in Sabang Beach where we grilled our food is just the start of an exotic adventure in this coastal town in Central Luzon. Thank you to the owners of Jamjen’s, our trip from Baguio to Baler, Aurora is really one of a kind.
Enjoying the waves of the Pacific Ocean! (Sabang, Baler, Aurora)
Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure Travel Series:
Part 6: A Night of Grilled Food in Sabang Beach, Baler

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