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Saturday, May 21

Diguisit Beach and Islets in Baler, Aurora

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Diguisit Beach and rocks in Baler, Aurora
Diguisit Falls is the last spot where we swam. We did not actually swim the waters of our next destination, which is Diguisit Beach and Islets. It is our decision to just enjoy the view, pick up some fancy rocks, explore the hill-like islets, soak our feet on the warm ocean waters and drench our bodies under the scorching heat of the sun.

Part 13 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

Diguisit Beach
It was almost 3:00 in the afternoon and since Diguisit Beach is somewhat a place where you can’t hide under the shades to protect you from the rays of the sun, decided to just explore the place. There were tourists and locals who swim on one side of Diguisit Beach near a large chunk of scattered rocks. However, on some parts of the shore, there were rubbish floating on some of its waters. Not large scale, just some plastic bags and the like that lawless tourists leave when visiting the place. So it is a bit eew however if this does not affect you, you will still enjoy the sun, sands, shore and islands view of Diguisit Beach.

The beach is beside a coastal road in Baler, Aurora. It is very near to recently posted Diguisit Falls but far enough from the tourist haven of Sabang Beach in Baler. The awesome part here is the view of the islands and the walking part to reach it. Nice view after all.

Guard post(?) in Diguisit Beach, Aurora
Rocky side of Diguisit Beach

Rocks and island in Baler, Aurora

Diguisit, Baler, Aurora

I do not know if the Diguisit Islets that we saw were also called the Lukso-Lukso Islets. One way or another, they feel the same. The islets are scattered on the beach area. We spent a few minutes exploring the place. One of my friends even saw what looks like a skull. But it was just one of the stones found in the beach.

Diguisit rocks!

Twin rocks of Diguisit Beach

The sunny weather did not let us stay longer in this beach and so we left the area after a few more minutes, headed a stop along the way to eat some halo-halo and finally reaching our inn to prepare ourselves to the very end of our Baler-Aurora trip.

Skull-like stone in Diguisit Beach, Baler, Aurora
Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure Travel Series:

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