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Monday, July 17

Sta. Ana-Cagayan Itinerary (Two Days-One Night 2D/1N)

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Different tourist attractions in Santa Ana, Cagayan for 2 days and 1 night itinerary.
A two-day, one-night tour in Sta. Ana, Cagayan may not be enough especially if you want to experience more of the town setting plus the island hopping, beach frolicking, kayaking or even scuba diving. However, two days in Sta. Ana is already enough if you just want to keep some memories for future Facebook posts.

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This Sta. Ana, Cagayan tour itinerary for two days is just a mere suggestion.  I have formatted the itinerary in this way so you can go, look over and tweak some of the activities and enjoy your trip.
Here is our Sta. Ana, Cagayan itinerary:


Go all the way to Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Have a good night sleep in the bus or car!

Morning Choice #1

Head to San Vicente port and negotiate for a packaged tour to
>> Palaui Island tour
>> Cape Engano
>> The Coves in Palaui
>> Side trip to Anguib Beach
4,000.00 per boat
The island package tour will take one day since you will still eat lunch and hike Palaui Island and do some swimming activities in the cove or Anguib Beach.
After the tour, head to your inn in Sta. Ana

Afternoon/Evening Choice #1

Experience local seafood dish in one of the restaurants
>> Country Inn
>> Local eateries
Sleep in your inn/hotel.
Morning Choice #2

After the island hopping activity, try in Santa Ana:
>> pansit batil patung
>> photo op in the picturesque river and mangroves
Leave Santa Ana for a “tour along the highway” in Cagayan (advisable only if you have private car)
>> Visit the old churches
>> Visit the suspension bridge
>> Visit Piat Church
>> Visit Iguig Calvary Hills
In Tuguegarao:
80.00 for pansit
Afternoon Choice #2

Visit Callao Caves Ecotourism Zone:
>> Visit Callao Cave
>> Experience Mororan River Tour
>> Swim in Cagayan river
20.00 as entrance
500.00 per boat tour in river
After this you are already tired. So just take a rest and:
>> Sleep in the car (or bus)

Then sleep again until you reach home!


Morning Choice #3

When in Sta. Ana, instead of doing the island hopping first, go straight to Anguib Beach:
>> pay environmental fee (must be in a private car)
>> pay entrance to Anguib Beach
xx.xx for environmental fee
150.00 for Anguib entrance  and maintenance fee
When in Anguib:
>> Enjoy the white sand beach
>> Kayaking
>> Jetski
>> Swimming
>> Enjoy the old tire hammock within the pine tree area
>> banana boating
>> scuba diving
For the prices, see Anguib Beach post
You might also want to:
>> hire an ATV, and explore Nangaramoan and the other secluded beaches

If you have an access pass, then:
>> Visit Gotan Beach
>> Play in the casino
>> Experience same thing in Anguib Beach
>> or just relax in the forests of aguho pine trees and coconut

Afternoon Choice #3

Extend your morning activities in Anguib Beach!

Afternoon Choice #4

Head back to town and enjoy your dinner at:
>> Cagayan Resorts, eat Chinese cuisine and relax and share stories with friends or family

Morning Choice #4

When in Anguib, you can also try the island hopping to Palaui island and the other islands and islets

*You can then mix or choose whatever options you want for your two-days, one-night itinerary in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Just be noted though that most of the time, the island hopping activity is the most time consuming and you should already a lot one day for that. During the night, you can visit restaurants and resorts and enjoy the dinner plus the relaxing beach views and breeze, while listening to some country music, or local Ilocano folk songs. Don’t forget to try seafood as well!

For the acoomodation, you better have your hotel or inn in the downtown Sta. Ana, as there are so many niknik in Anguib at night time. Prepare for an insect repellant lotion like Off.

To enjoy more, you can extend your stay to three days and two nights, by having some more me or family time in the beach. You can also check out my other post so you will have some more ideas. You can also try to visit Aparri but the beaches just look like the ones in Sta. Ana downtown. You may want to visit Aparri only if you are planning to visit Calayan Island. 

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