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Thursday, March 15

Tree Top Adventure & Subic Yachts

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Tree Top Adventure in Subic, Zambales

Part 12 of Camiling-Clark-Subic Getaway

Tree Top Adventure is about 10 minutes from Zoobic Safari (a zoo that offers safari ride experience). It is a park that offers another adventure that requires your stamina to enjoy fully their offered packages. The most popular of which is the “Superman” ride, because you mimic the way Superman flies to the sky—by means of zip line. Other rides include The Silver Surfer, Tree Top Tree Drop (their version of rapeling), Canopy Ride, trekking and the like. Trekking is the most affordable one priced at P100 while others like the Superman ride are priced at P300.

This is where you will be brought first--at the Harness Station. They won't allow you to enjoy the rides without the safety gears.

Look at those faces. We can't smile completely! We are standing 80 feet above the ground.

Tree canopies of the Subic forests.

There were a horde of people when we visited Tree Top Adventure last year. Imagine the setting, every ride was a blockbuster. You have to fall in line to experience their rides! So my advice to people who plan to visit Tree Top Adventure in the coming summer season—get up early and let the roller coaster inside you begin! Well you can always set this kind of fun adventure as the last part of your itinerary just what we did.

Subic forest

The canopy ride

The hanging bridge made of steel.

We should have availed the package if it was available at that time. They offer packages, combine several of their rides into one, and pay less. But it was not available when we were there so we were just limited with three rides—Superman, Silver Surfer and Canopy Ride.

We kicked off by starting with the Canopy Ride. I admit I was afraid of heights when I still haven’t tried anything like that before. Tree Top Adventure built steel bridges hinged at every tree at a height 40-80 feet (7-10 floors of a regular building). Man that’s high! The crew will setup your harness and will let you sit on the seat which is 80 feet above the ground. Yeah. Sitting 80 feet above the ground—with only your seat and your harness. Canopy ride will bring you around canopies of tropical trees in the forests. The ride will last for about 10 minutes. This ride actually is the least exciting among others. So if you fainted while you were riding it, I guess you should not try their rides in anyway.

The Silver Surfer.

The Superman Ride

Then we tried Silver Surfer. Why is it called “Surfer”? That’s because the ride mimics the way you surf the waves—it swings back and forth while you are standing on it. It sways at approximately 180 degrees horizontal. It was cool.

Superman was the next (and last) thing that we tried in Tree Top Adventure. It is the park’s main highlight. Eighty feet above the ground, you will be flying like Superman. After I tried it, it’s like my fear of heights was already gone. And I’m craving for more until now! Other people might be saying “80 feet is too low for a zipline”. Yes it is. But remember, the park was named “Tree Top Adventure” which means up until on top of trees only!

It was already getting 6:30 in the evening when we decided to leave Tree Top Adventure. We went back to the downtown area and proceeded to the Subic Yacht Club wharf for some photo ops in the yachts. The owner of the yacht was kind; he let us have some pictures in his yacht. I wonder there were so many yachts in Subic. And not even one was mine. Haha.

At the Subic Yachts Club wharf.

The last stop we went to was the Royal duty free shop. We bought some items (in my case chocolates haha) priced at dollars. After that we already went to the Victory Liner terminal and paid P1400 to the driver of the van we hired.

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