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Tuesday, March 6

Zoobic Safari, A Zoo Leveled Up

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Part 9 of Camiling-Clark-Subic Getaway

Since we already have our all season pass (P800) to all of the theme parks of Zoomanity Group, we didn’t wait for the queue of the line for those who still don’t have their tickets to the zoo. We just presented a receipt, and we were given that one year pass. Regular tickets for Zoobic Safari play around P400 – P500. The theme park also offers tour packages, packages for a larger group, and a night safari. Zoobic Safari’s Night Safari though falls only on weekends, so if you plan to witness this one of a kind safari experience at night, pick a weekend date. At least, you don’t have to go to as far as Singapore just to experience one. After which, we took some snapshots of the façade of the zoo, and eventually went inside. You will be grouped accordingly, and there are assigned number of groups for a certain tour guide. There are a lot of tourists when we were there, so imagine a ratio of 1:100 (or more), tour guide versus tourists. But before you are allowed to join the group for this tour, you will be stamped a mark on your palm.
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Hanging upside down!

The first part of the zoo, if I am not mistaken, was the aviary (or the Bird Thrill). Well, it didn’t surprise me anymore, because we already went to Zoocobia Fun Zoo, where we took an opportunity to take photos with the birds (specifically the owl). The only difference was that the birds in Clark were in small cages, but in Zoobic Safari, they were free to move around a larger cage (you are actually going inside that cage, and witness them fly just above your head…isn’t it thrilling?). That’s a plus factor for Zoobic Safari, but if you want more of your photos to be with the birds, then head to Zoocobia Fun Zoo. You can take photos with the birds but mind you, it was hard! People were trying to take photos too when we were there, so think of that competition! Besides, feeding the birds is a bit more expensive in Zoobic Safari (P50). What I like in Zoobic Safari is that the tour guide is very knowledgeable in terms of the different species of animals in Zoobic Safari. Very educational indeed. So if you have kids and you are planning an educational tour, try it in Zoobic Safari. That would surely be an awesome fun!

Birds kissing. More fun in the Philippines

Arch to the Aviary in Zoobic Safari

Whuut? Is that an old-aged carabao?? He's got some white hairs!

We also went to the Rodent World where we saw (and took pictures of course) rodents or rats and the different species of them. We also got the chance to see bearcats (this time you can feed them), that white carabao, white spotted deer, miniature horses, donkeys, monkeys, snakes, iguanas…name it, there are a lot of animals in this zoo. Comparing it to Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Zoobic Safari is way, way bigger in terms of land area, and houses more fun animals.

After the walk tour, we headed to the main attraction—the safari ride. You will have to ride a safari train first, and it will bring you to the location where tigers are free to roam around. The train ride was priced at P50, and this will bring you to the waiting area outside the fenced “safari field”.

The safari train--the one that will bring you to the waiting area for that popular Subic safari ride.

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