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Sunday, December 16

How to Go to Cebu Taoist Temple and Restaurants

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Cebu map with keypoints like Cebu Taoist Temple area and others.

Unlike the other touristy places in Cebu like the Magellan’s Cross and Basilica, the Taoist Temple of Cebu is a bit farther than them. To go to to Cebu Taoist Temple from the Magellan’s Cross area (Legaspi Street): 

Taoist Temple Cebu map + other keypoints
Ride a jeepney bound to Lahug (in our case we rode the code 4H), fare is around P8.00 (regular). Any jeepney bound to Lahug I think will pass by the side of JY Square, a mini mart. Drop off by the side of JY Square.

From JY Square, hire a taxi to take you to the entrance of the Cebu Taoist Temple, (not the entrance of the Beverly Hills Subdivision). Fare is P50-ish. There is no entrance fee inside the temple.
Taoist Temple of Cebu map from JY Square

To go to SM City Cebu from Cebu Taoist Temple:

Hire a taxi back to JY Square. Ride a jeepney with the code 4L and get off by the side of SM.

To go to CnT Lechon from SM City Cebu:
SM to CnT Lechon map

Walk your way to Briones Street (?) from SM. You will see a yellow building with the sign “CnT Lechon”. The restaurant is located on the upper floor.

*From CnT Lechon, taxi fare to Taboan Market is P80+.

SM to Taboan Market map
Cebu Taboan Market

Part 7 of Cebu Food & Temple

Cebu Food & Temple Travel Series:
Part 7: How to Go to Cebu Taoist Temple and Restaurants

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  1. hi! ask ko lang po. mactan airport ride yellow multicab, drop at marina mall.. ano po sakyan way to south bust terminal?

    and pabalik from south bus terminal to basilica anu po sakyan? basilica to sm? and sm to airport? pag commute po.. thank you.

    1. You have to cross the street (highway) where you will see a jeepney bound to Cebu City. The fare is 20-ish. Not sure already. You can drop by the street near SM City Cebu. In SM ride 12L (Labangon) or 10M/H. Tell the driver to drop you off the corner of Cebu South Bus Terminal.

      This is also possible: Yellow multicab – Vhire to SM – 12G from SM – walk from corner to South Bus.

      To get back naman, you just do the reverse.

      From SBT to Basilica, not sure. Pero yung SM to Basilica vice versa, 12H or 12I sa pagkakaalala ko..anyway you can always ask naman local Cebuanos for directions.

  2. hi poh.. ask ko poh if from JY square mall Lahug ano poh ung sasakyan namin papuntang Crown Regency Hotel?

    1. I am not already sure, but you can try ask if 4H also passes through Crown Regency Hotel. If you are pertaining to Crown Regency Hotel with the Sky Walk Adventure, then ride jeepneys with Fuente Osmena on its signboard. Marker is a high tower with Starbucks on the ground level if I am not mistaken.

  3. hi...good day!tanong ko lang open ba sa mga pupunta sa toist temple kahit anong araw?

  4. hanggang anong oras po open ang Taoist Temple?

  5. HI! I just wanna ask what to ride with a jeepney from talamban to taoist temple?

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