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Saturday, December 1

Tasting Cebu Sutukil Style: AA BBQ Restaurant

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The undeniably cheesy baked scallops of this Cebu Sutukil style restaurant, AA BBQ.

When you say Cebu Sutukil style, you mean lining up to the seafood and meat section of the restaurant, pick your favorite uncooked fish or chicken or liempo, then tell the kitchen crew how to cook it (or tell them to cook it until its good). That means all the served food are fresh, as you are the ones who chose it before they were cooked. I hungered of experiencing this one-of-a-kind Cebu style, and thus we went to try it at The Original AA BBQ restaurant located just across the Plaza Independencia in Cebu City.

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AA BBQ Sutukil-style restaurant in Cebu City.
After we arrived in Cebu City from a memorable Camotes Island trip, we eagerly checked out for dinner and the result of this was to try the food at AA BBQ Restaurant. I heard from other people that their food was great, and since I’m a wannabe food blogger, I have to try. And I really have to try this since this sutukil style cannot be found in the vicinity of Baguio City!

Sutukil is a Cebuano phrase which stands for “sugba-tula-kilaw” which literally means “grill-soup/broth-ceviche” in English. It’s a way of cooking. We took a cab from Sampaguita Suites in Plaza Garcia to bring us there. We paid P50 until we found out it’s just a walking distance. If you are somewhere at the vicinity of the Cebu Cathedral or Magellan’s Cross, I suggest you either ride a jeepney or just walk. Pwede nang pang-drinks yung pamasahe sa taxi.
Chicken barbecue (inasal) at AA BBQ Restaurant.
 It’s a cafeteria style restaurant. But do not underestimate it because the food we ordered was sulit. And so we lined up to the food counter to pick some chicken barbecue (inasal), baked scallops and another seafood I really do not remember the name now. Haha. But the taste is comparable to squid. Hmmm. Maybe.

I remember the price of the baked scallops for P110 per servings of 8. All the other food including the price was digested already in our stomachs. Nyah, next time I will have to be more detailed about it. But I guess the chicken inasal was P35-ish, that unnamed dish was P25-ish and the rice was P10-ish (or exactly P10!). Plus we ordered a liter of coke and our food only totaled to P240 I think. We ordered baked scallop, two chicken inasal and that dish-which-cannot-be-named. Pretty cheap, as compared to when you order seafood in Baguio City. That would already mean P400 or more.
The dish on the left plate was the food I cannot remember the name. (AA BBQ Restaurant, Cebu)
AA BBQ Sutukil Restaurant, Cebu
 The baked scallops were tasty. The chicken inasal was delicious. And that unnamed dish made me forget its name! Definitely a must try restaurant when you go to Cebu for a food trip. Aside from the barbecues of Larsian in Fuente, it’s never impossible to come back again for this Cebu Sutukil experience at AA BBQ restaurant. This cooking style is unique and the way it was served and cooked, I don’t know, this kind of Cebu experience makes it different from the rest.

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  1. your pic makes me crave for baked scallops waaaaaaa

    Yung isang ulam mukhang grilled calamares yun =)

    1. Ako din haha nung napost ko parang gusto ko ulit kumain ng baked scallops!

  2. that unnamed dish is actually big squids na hiniwa nila pa rectangle :)
    nagutom ako bigla sa scallops!

    1. Wah sabi ko na nga eh. Parang squid...yun pala squid talaga haha. :)


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