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Tuesday, December 4

Famous Cebu Lechon at CnT Lechon

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One of the best tasting Cebu lechon is inside this restaurant. (CnT Lechon, Cebu)

It cannot be Cebu without the famous lechon, like Baguio linked to “pinikpikan” or Sagada traced to “etag”. If you are familiar with all the strange words I quoted then probably you already tasted what used to be the ultimate local food with its corresponding town. I do not know what Cebu lechon makes it different from the other lechon served in the other parts of the country, and so I went to Cebu City for its undying popularity of Cebu lechon—at CnT Lechon Restaurant.

Part 4 of Cebu Food & Temple

And for the record, I really lost a lot of pictures in Cebu when just my previous camera memory card was corrupted and lost almost one-fourth of my photos. I do not know if it’s the memory card or the camera itself—whatever it is, I already shifted from that brand to another brand. And right now, I’m happy with my compact camera that shoots like a pro. I used it during our Ambuklao trip, Mount Osdung day hike and Sagada adventure. You can actually tell the difference in terms of quality when you compare my Cebu photos with the Ambuklao photos. Maybe in the future I’ll buy DSLR camera for my travels, but for now I can’t. A student like me and the best DSLR out there in the market are like two worlds apart.

Back to the main story of this post, from our Temple Run: Brave Edition (ahh no, we just walked, so it’s just a temple walk tour haha) inside the CebuTaoist Temple, we rode the jeepney with code 4L and brought us to SM City Cebu. I just wondered why it was called temple run in the first place or why there are people chasing you when you play that game (and the worse scenario is that big monster out there when you play the Brave edition). Hmm I guess the makers angered somebody inside a temple and so they were chased, and fortunately they were knowledgeable about ruby, HTML 5, javascript and things like that, thus the story. But our story, we didn’t run. Instead from the temple, we took a cab back to JY Square, rode a jeepney to SM City Cebu and walked our way to CnT Lechon which is just across that giant mall.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of the building. It’s hot inside when we went there, maybe because there are many people who are also craving for its delicacy. A reminder to tourists who also plan to taste its lechon, you have to be earlier because their lechon gets chomped in a matter of minutes. It would be unlucky for you to fall in line and when you are just in front of the cashier already, the person will tell it’s already not available. Sad story indeed.

And so we ordered one-half kilo of Cebu lechon at CnT Lechon for P180. I requested them to box it because I’ll be bringing it back to our home in Luzon. You have to tell them to do it if you also plan to make it a pasalubong for your family, otherwise the airport staff will be drooling with it once they see your lechon looming out of your luggage haha.

I tasted the lechon (just little) and yes it’s really different. I used to know lechon as either tasteless or salty, but I do not know, this certain lechon in this island of Cebu was a compliment to the taste. It’s soft and tasty, I cannot really explain it completely; there was this particular taste that I was not able to scrutinize. You have to try it; Cebu lechon indeed is one of the best tasting lechon in the Philippines.

And for foreign tourists who are not familiar with lechon, this typical Filipino food is a pig butchered and cooked (or grilled) to perfection, seasoned with oil and spices, stuffed with aroma and herbs inside it. I already watched how they make it, but I’m more interested on how it tasted wahaha. Anyway, CnT Lechon has a part on this. Maybe the other brands which also offer lechon similar to this are all good, only that I have to try them once I get back to Cebu again.

CnT Lechon also sells budget meals and puso (wrapped rice). The food was also good but I guess it’s really the lechon that takes advantage. Only one thing that I have to note—the ambiance of the restaurant is not really that great for me. I think they need to reorganize it so people don’t fall in line like that. Well tourists and travelers nowadays don’t just look for the great food; they also care with its ambiance and setting for the total Cebu experience package. Like when Good Taste in Baguio opened a new branch along Otek Road and it’s got this better ambiance. Best tasting buttered chicken plus good ambiance equals Baguio experience. And look at that Oh My Gulay restaurant, I find their food just at the average but because of their ambiance, tourists are eating there for it.

I guess that’s all folks for the restaurant part of my Cebu trip. Next time I’ll try the higher class restaurants in Cebu and I’ll try to see the difference. Anyway, this Cebu lechon that I brought home for my family, they all like it. It’s not every day that they get to eat something like that so they have to love it! Cebu lechon at CnT Lechon is a must-try. And goodness gracious, you really have to taste the famous Cebu lechon if it also happens to be your first time to visit Cebu!

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