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Sunday, December 2

Cebu’s Authentic! Puso and Larsian BBQ

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“Alam mo, Larsian BBQ ako.”
“Kasi ikaw naman ang PUSO ko.”

Puso, chorizo and chicken inasal all delightfully bought in Larsian sa Fuente. (Fuente, Cebu)
BOOM. When people say “puso” and you are in Cebu, they do not certainly mean the heart. Puso in Cebu is an authentic Cebuano style cooked rice, wrapped and weaved in grass leaves similar to what Ilocanos and Pangasinense cook as “patopat”, a kakanin. The only difference, “puso” is rice without the flavors (and that cooking style will make the big difference), “patopat” is malagkit (sticky) rice dipped in “tagapulot” or brown sugar. And if you plan to try the heartiest cooked rice, it’s a must to bond it with Larsian barbeque, another Cebu authentic food. Drooling to taste these Cebu dishes? Puso and Larsian style BBQs are a must-try!

Part 3 of Cebu Food & Temple

Larsian foods
Larsian was found out to be a restaurant during the 70’s. It was derived from the name of the twin owners, Pilar and Siana, thus the name “Larsian”. I’m not a historian, but that was true according to reliable sources, and you got it, that restaurant served these mouthwatering grilled dishes. The name was retained as Larsian, now a cafeteria style barbecue center in Cebu where you can choose from a number of ihaw-ihaw style seafood, inasal and chorizo. When we went there in April 2012, Larsian was under renovation but now the newly renovated Larsian in Cebu is open for people who are craving to these one-of-a-kind Cebu foods.

So I cannot describe exactly the experience inside Larsian. But what I saw when I was there, grill smoke is everywhere (definitely not for asthmatic patients). So from the area near the Cathedral or Magellan’s Cross, we rode a jeepney with the code 06C (P8). This jeepney will pass through Fuente Osmena and by the side of Larsian. Just tell the driver to drop you off to the side of Larsian, then walk a bit to it. You can also ride this jeepney if you wish to try the extreme skywalk adventure in Regency Towers.

There were no seats available when we went there, hence we took the food out and ate inside the hotel. Maybe next time I’ll try to eat at the renovated Larsian and once again try their puso and barbeques. Nonetheless, the food was great, and I will definitely keep coming back for more. We tried these barbecues and yum, yum, yum!

Puso (rice)
P 3.00
Chorizo (per stick)
Chicken BBQ (Cebu chicken inasal)

I do not know if they already hiked their price but somehow it would be more likely similar to these. If only I had more bucks to spend, I would have ordered as much as I can when I was there. The quality I was looking for an authentic Cebu food was a part served there.

If you ask me about the budget, then you have to cash out P100 if you want to fill your stomach with these dishes. Definitely not pricey as they serve delicious barbecues in quantity servings!  Your P100 can already buy as much as 5 puso, 2 chorizo and 1 Cebu chicken inasal.

If I got another trip to Cebu, I will not hesitate to eat puso and try again the best tasting barbeques of Larsian. The puso and Cebu Larsian BBQ is an outstanding combination for tourists like you who want to enjoy tours in Cebu without missing the side trip of tasting authentic Cebu dishes like no other.

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