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Wednesday, January 30

Subic Experience: Camayan Fish Feeding in Bigger Aquarium Called Sea

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School of fish fed by the waters of Subic Bay in Camayan Beach Resorts.

Camayan or Camayan Beach Resorts is a popular resort in Subic. It is adjacent to the more popular dolphin and sea lion show, the Ocean Adventure. It doesn’t feature white sand beach of any sort but if you want to have a Subic experience that is free, then visiting by the bay and fishing the colorful fish is a good choice.

Part 5 of Guide to Subic Bay: Tourist Edition
Subic Bay and its tropical forests.
Unlike Palawan, you are not going to snorkel to feed the fish. Well it’s a totally different and more adventurous way to feed the school of fish in Palawan which I was hoping to do it someday, but anyway feeding the fish in Subic is how you feed your pet fish in your aquarium. Just the way it is. If you are the tourist type who doesn't want to get wet and all the things but you still want to see how the fish will devour those bits of biscuits, then Subic is the right place for you. Besides, it’s free.
It’s fun to see those schools of blue, yellow and Nemo-like fish wiggle and eat the bits of crackers we threw on the waters. As soon as the bits of Sky Flakes float on the sea water, the fish eat them in a matter of seconds. How fun it was to feed fish in Camayan and how more fun to feed them with you swimming and snorkeling too! Maybe it was just that we did not bring life jackets or snorkels or masks of sort—or it was really not meant for such activities.
Subic Bay
A mini islet can be viewed from afar. (Camayan, Subic)
Take a photo with a sea-mountain landscape. (Subic Bay, Philippines)
If you got tired of feeding the cute fish, then it’s time for you to reminisce the good memories of past while walking by the bay with a view of mountain-sea landscape. Subic Bay is a wonderful bay, it was meant for soul searching somehow, only that it’s an industrialized section of the country. From what I hear, just beyond those mountains in Zambales lies an extraordinary cove called Anawangin. It is a hideaway beach with nearby forest covered with pine trees.

Our group in Camayan, Subic.
The fish feeding experience in Subic is a must, even though it was not as amazing as doing it in Coron or Puerto Princesa in Palawan. After you witness the sea lion show in Ocean Adventure or just before you check in to Camayan Beach Resorts, why not try feeding the fish—a school of colorful fish—by the bay with a 180 degrees view of a mountain-sea landscape. That, you should not miss in Subic.

Guide to Subic Bay: Tourist Edition Travel Series:
Part 5: Subic Experience: Camayan Fish Feeding in Bigger Aquarium Called Sea

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