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Thursday, January 31

A Jump Shot to Subic!

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Jump, jump, jump to Subic!

After we visited and passed by the different attractions of Subic like the Boardwalk, eat in Hollys, see the bunkers and bats and monkeys, and finally feed the fish in Camayan, we ended the tour in Royal Duty Free. After we shopped for some pasalubong ala chocolate importado, we explored the other streets and ended up shopping in nearby Puregold Duty Free and the rest are photo ops and jump shots.

Photo shoot ala Subic style!
Subic Fun Ender

At the Subic intersection road.
Well I am not a promoter of Puregold but I find the goods and food inside Puregold cheaper than those sold in Royal Duty Free. Or maybe it was just a three-day sale when we went there. Anyway, we cannot leave Subic without group pictures and jump shots and so we did it along the streets, roads and intersections (at least somehow related to transportation engineering haha).

Subic in most parts is clean and maintained. It is home to different factory outlets, shipping yards, yacht club, nature parks and duty free shops. I consider Subic as my second loved city after Baguio. Baguio’s edge over Subic of course is its cooler temperature—and I may say during the normal season, Baguio is definitely cooler than Hong Kong or Taipei by night. A temperate region with its cooler temperature within the tropical country, the Philippines. And probably if you are a foreigner who used to live in colder regions, or as cool as Hong Kong, then moving to Baguio for good is the best deal. Living in Baguio is like living in a non-tropical, pine-forested, cooler city but you are just one hour away to surfing grounds in La Union, three hours away from the best milk fish in Dagupan and five hours away to the one of the best golden beaches in Luzon—Patar Beach.

Dramatic shot daw oh!
Sa may sign board sa Subic.
But Subic is preferable for a vacation as soon as temperatures in Baguio drop to something like 9.5˚C. To preserve a cake on its form, it has to be inside a cooler with a temperature of about 11˚C—and imagine you are inside this cooler with even lower temperature when you are in Camp John Hay or just any place in Baguio. That’s why I find it to be unwinding to feel a vacation in Subic with all their amenities and resorts. But well Subic is Subic and Baguio is Baguio.
Subic road
Subic Bay Gateway Park
Since we are not from Subic, we intentionally had fun taking photos in Subic. It was fun haha. The traffic enforcer didn’t care. The people don’t care. And we don’t care! At least we had our photos that we can treasure as soon as we are missing Subic again! And since it’s Subic—yeah we are proud we had this jump shot—at the intersection of the roads! Not that crazy dude!

Guide to Subic Bay: Tourist Edition Travel Series:
Part 6: A Jump Shot to Subic!

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