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Tuesday, January 22

Hollys BBQ Chicken Restaurant Subic: Eat-All-You-Can Style

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Not just chicken barbecues, Hollys Restaurant in Subic also offers fruits and organic foods.

If you are looking for a Subic restaurant at the expense of an eat-all-you-can buffet style, then probably you are thinking Hollys BBQ Chicken Restaurant. Hollys Restaurant is located at the corner of Canal Road and Santa Rita and is adjacent to Subic International Hotel. It’s got this sliding door and a feel as if you were actually inside a crew ship or a private plane, because of their waitresses. And their food is great too, I can recommend this restaurant to future tourists of Subic.

Part 2 of Guide to Subic Bay: Tourist Edition

Hollys Restaurant food
Hollys BBQ Chicken Restaurant is a Subic restaurant with these gorgeous and beautiful ladies, but oh, they were the waitresses of this buffet style diner. They were dressed like stewardess or crew of a luxury ship and they are really cute ^^,. I remember we requested for a photo of the most beautiful waitress among them all, and we had this companion who actually spurted out his food from his mouth with the fact that we were able to have a picture with her! The food went all over the faces of our friends who happen to be in front of him! Haha that’s really funny, right, getting a picture with the food server is weird but this act of outrageously humiliating incident just got weirder! Parang Bossing Vic Sotto lang, when he sprayed water out of his mouth to either Jose or Wally when he suddenly needs to laugh. This is one of the funniest moments of our lives and I really recommend this restaurant, who knows, it might happen to your friends too haha.

Hollys Subic restaurant
 Back to the main dish, we visited this restaurant after getting the Subic tour guide somewhere near Puregold Duty Free. From Manila, we arrived in Subic at around noontime already, so after the tour guide hitched into the bus, we directly headed to Hollys for lunch. And it was an amazing lunch indeed.

There were many choices, and it’s better to get your stomach empty before hitting into the plates. From fruits to veggies to salads to Asian flavors to viands and gourmet dish—wow that’s a myriad of sumptuous food to enjoy! I got food to the max but everything cannot be contained on my plate. (I remember Pier One Resort/Restaurant in Subic where we also enjoyed buffet dinner, but I cannot post it because I didn’t get the chance to take photos!) It says there that Hollys is a Chicken BBQ restaurant, well, because I find the other whatchamacallit food more interesting, I didn’t have the time to find (find?) those chicken barbecues. But at least I enjoyed their sweet and spicy chicken with sesame seeds and the rest I cannot tell the name. They’re tongue twisters. Besides it’s more worthy to eat the food than saying it.

Wow! Eat-all-you-can style lunch @ Hollys!

Kimbob and other Asian gourmet dish are offered in Hollys Restaurant
 Inside the restaurant a poster says, “Leftovers fee: P150”. Oh my! You have to eat everything that you put on your plate or you’ll pay for what you cannot eat! I was not able to ask how much their buffet style lunch is but more likely it would be three digits. Don’t worry it’s really worth it and if I only have money for it to comeback for another buffet lunch, I will.

If you are a food tripper and hitting Subic is on your list, then you can try Hollys BBQ Chicken Restaurant in the city. I find the food great and the service too. And the ladies that serve your food, it’s a total experience! 

*Hollys Restaurant in Subic is located @ Canal Rd cor. Sta. Rita. It’s adjacent to Subic International Hotel. It’s a few blocks from the Boardwalk down south and a few blocks up north to Harbour Point and SM City Olongapo.

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  1. parang di ko nakita ang presyo dun sa post mo.how much did you pay para sa eat all you can na yan?

    1. If I'm not mistaken the lunch buffet should be at least P250. But dinner is more expensive. When we ate there, it was an included itinerary in our trip so I do not know if they gave discounts.


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