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Thursday, January 24

The Ship and the Boardwalk in Subic

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Ship on the waters of Subic Bay, Philippines
The Boardwalk in Subic is comparable to Roxas Boulevard in Manila only that you don’t get a full view of a sunset because the mountain barriers are half of the view. Along the sea side of Subic are ships and yachts and you don’t really want to leave Subic without a souvenir picture of you with a backdrop of a ship (not a passenger ferry). The floating book store was also there when we went to Subic, and it might just have gone to other Asian countries after the Philippines.

Part 3 of Guide to Subic Bay: Tourist Edition

Boardwalk, Subic
But we haven’t been to that floating book store when our tour guide said it was in Subic that time. I heard this floating book store sells books at the most affordable price ever. So we just managed to take photos of the large ship (not the book store) parked beside the sea wall. I don’t know if it’s a cargo ship or a war ship or whatever. What is important, I got a picture of it which I haven’t done the time I had my tour to Ocean Adventure several years ago.

What really makes Subic an edge to other cities in the country is its water activities. I luckily got a photo of a man parasailing across the winds of Subic Bay. Maybe if I got time and money to stay in a sea side resort in SBMA I will do these extreme activities. It’s a fun experience anyway.

Flag of the ship (Subic, Philippines)
A man parasailing in Subic.
 I find Subic calm and it would have been a good place for a brisk walk along the Boardwalk with the yachts and ships along the sea wall. The views of the bay and the mountains are relaxing. Though it doesn’t have these enticing white and golden sand beaches, Subic has these very good resorts and restaurants. It’s somehow organized. Next time I want to stay a night in one of the resorts of the Freeport zone.

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