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Friday, February 1

Baguio Itinerary: Two Days-One Night (2D/1N)

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Some of the Baguio attractions ideal for a 2 days/1 night tour in Baguio.

Readers who are interested with Baguio itineraries have started sending me e-mails asking how to make a doable itinerary since last year. I answer them through e-mail but they suggest me to make a post about it. Since I live in Baguio and I know more about this place than any other cities in the country and I usually grant my readers’ simple wishes, here is a sample itinerary for two days and one night in Baguio.
The Baguio Itinerary Series

I do not usually post itineraries with time elapse. It is because travelers and tourists like you decide on how long or how quick you will visit a certain tourist spot in Baguio. This is a mere suggestion you can follow, which we already did as travelers behind Travex Travels. The itineraries are made for groups who travel to Baguio.


INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

Arrive in Baguio terminal, early in the morning

Eat breakfast (depends on your choice whether carinderia or restaurant)
P 70.00
If you have baggage with you, surrender them first in your hotel/inn. Most of the times it’s free but some do charge for the storage fee.

The Session Road – Cathedral tour

From your hotel walk or take a taxi to Baguio Cathedral

Walk down to Session Road

Reach McDo Session at the lower Session Road, turn left to Mabini Street (marker is Danes Bakeshop) and look for the jeepney terminal with jeepneys going to Mines View Park 2017 Update: Mcdo in Lower Session Rd is now Jollibee. Mcdo Session is now beside Jollibee.

Ride and tell driver to “Mines View Park”. Fare is “long trip”.
Mines View – Ketchup Community Series

Arrive in Mines View Park for some photo ops with horses, the view deck and big dogs. No entrance fee but there is charge for photo ops with the animals.
Try some strawberry taho (to be posted soon).
Check out souvenir shops.

Then ride same jeepney (going back to downtown), tell the driver to drop you off to The Mansion.
Photo ops “The Mansion”. Walk to the side of the mirror lake until you reach the gazebo. By this time you are already in the Wright Park.

Picture taking with the horses or ride the horse (for P200).

Lunch time in Ketchup Community. By this time it’s already noon. If you are on a budget you can get back to town and eat in cafeterias or fast food restaurants.

INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

From Ketchup Community, you may want take a rest for a while and continue it later.

The Botanical Garden – Haunted White House Walk Tour

From Wright Park, head to Leonard Wood Road passing through Pacdal Circle. Walk until you reach the Botanical Garden.

Photo ops inside Botanical Garden.

Walk out of the park and continue walking until you reach the Baguio Haunted White House.

Get inside it. *This is an update: the Haunted House is now open to public since late last year. Entrance fee is P50.
Walk out alive. :-)

If you still have the energy to walk, then you can continue walking until you reach 50’s Diner. You can try their food there.
If you are already tired, you can ride a jeepney going back to downtown (any of the following: Liteng, Mines View, Navy Base, Maria Basa).
Or you can take a cab to your hotel, rest for a while to save some energy for the Burnham Stroll and Boat Tour.

The Burnham Stroll and Boat Tour

By this time it would have been already 4 or 5 PM. You can take a leisurely stroll in Burnham Park and Rose Garden, or boat on Burnham Lake.
You can also check out the skating rink near Burnham Park.
For dinner, I suggest you taste the different cuisine in a restaurant of your choice. I can suggest the following:
Good Taste

INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

From Ketchup Community, you may want take a rest for a while and continue it later.

The Camp John Hay Tour and Adventure

From Wright Park, you can turn left going to The Baguio Country Club and finally Camp John Hay. You can take photos of the wide green fields there. But if you are already tired, you can take a cab to take you to the following:
Tree Top Adventure
Butterfly Sanctuary
Ayala Techno-Hub
Paint Ball area
500.00 (Tree Top)
40.00 (Sanctuary)
400.00 (Paint Ball)

You can also check out there Cemetery of Negativity (where you bury your negative mind setting and being there).

Camp John Hay is too wide for you to explore so I suggest you to take rest or dinner after Camp John Hay tour.

Or you can try the Burnham Stroll and Boat Tour on #1 suggestion (previous).

#3 (or DAY 2 Morning)
INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

From Ketchup Community, you may want take a rest for a while and continue it later.

The Grotto-Diplomat-Tam-Awan Tour

From Wright Park, ride a jeepney bound back to downtown (any of the following: Liteng, Mines View, Navy Base, Maria Basa).
From Lourdes Grotto, you walk your way to Diplomat, or ride same jeepney, then drop off to the foot of the Diplomat Road.
Photo ops inside Heritage Park. Diplomat Hotel Ruins and the World’s Largest 10 Commandments Tablet is there.

On going back, you ride same jeepney (Dominican Hill) back to downtown. Near the Abanao Square, the terminal of Jeepney going to Tam-Awan Village is at Shagum St cor. Kayang. Signboard says “Quirino Hill” or “Quirino Hill via Tam-Awan”. You can also ride jeepney going to “Long-Long”.
Walk a bit to Tam-Awan Village (driver will instruct you).
Photo ops inside Tam-Awan Village. It’s another hiking thing so you have to prepare for this. Picture taking of the different artworks is strictly prohibited.
On going back, ride the same jeepney going back to downtown. You can either go for The Burnham Stroll and Boat Tour or just take a rest.

INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

You can go for dinner, check out my suggestion of restaurants on #1 afternoon table.

Wait for the Night Market to open along Harrison Road. Night Market opens at 9PM.
Ukay-ukay to the max (second-hand goods and thrift goods market). This is where you can buy jackets, hoodies, pants, shirts, bags and more…at the cheapest bargain!

After the Night Market, you can try café or night bars (with or without dance floor). Paddis Point and 18 BC are night bars.

*I do not recommend strolling and walking along the city streets at night. Take a cab on going back to your hotel.

I will not present the total expenses because that will really depend on how you handle your own trip. I presented only the estimate of cost you will incur on that particular tourist spot or activity so you get a better picture of how much money to bring when you are here.

I really recommend you to visit Mines View Park in the morning and the rest in the afternoon. You can only choose one of the following afternoon itineraries. These itineraries were made for travelers who budget time with parts of it used for picture taking and jump shots.

On your second day, you can use #3 afternoon itinerary as a morning itinerary. All the tourist spots are good for 2-day tour, but it is still more advisable to lengthen your time to enjoy the cool winds and the parks, rather than jamming your itineraries with too many activities in it. An example of this is you can make the #3 afternoon tour into a whole day tour—putting the Tam-Awan Village tour in the afternoon. The ones I presented is already jam-packed and it is not recommended to include more activities. You don’t want to get sick in your trip, do you? 

This two-day, one-night itinerary for Baguio is doable as long as you have the energy to hike and walk, but during summer I do not recommend you to superficially walk your way from Mines View to Camp John Hay, it is super exhausting. In short, 2D/1N tour in Baguio is not enough for you to visit all the tourist spots here.

Is the article interesting? Useful? Funny? Inspiring? Or simply worthy? Then . Read, read, and lead! More related posts below.


  1. This has been very helpful. Thank you so much. My boyfriend and I are planning on a Baguio trip next week and this is by far the most informative itinerary that I've come across with. We are just afraid (scardy cats) of getting lost but behold, we shall not be because of your guidance. hehe

  2. A special friend of mine and I are planning to go to Baguio as well.. Your itinerary is very helpful.. we plan to go there on October maybe 2nd week.. were very much excited..
    Thanks for the info..

  3. its a great help!!!.. thaks much...

  4. wats the name of the hotel you stayed in.. im looking for the lowest rate

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for this. I think we'll follow this itinerary. I'm visiting Baguio with my bestfriend next month.
    If not too much, can you recommend a hotel to stay? Looking for a place that has low rate and safe. Please send me an email: aracigleona@gmail.com or reply here. Thank you in advance! :)

  6. Is this still applicable?

  7. This really helps me especially who will travel for the first time backpackers.
    I will use this to date my girlfriend.. :) Thanks!


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