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Sunday, May 5

Watching the Sky—Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

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One of the tallest lighthouses in the country is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
We did not intend to replace the “lost stone” we found in the middle of the sea adjacent to the shores of Bolinao, Pangasinan. Instead, we found our way to the second tallest existing lighthouse in the Philippines—the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Did I say lighthouse? Or Bolinao?

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls

Bolinao Lighthouse
According to word etymology, “Bolinao” was derived from the story of Anao, a lovely lady. She used to bathe and spend leisurely hours under the "Boli-bolinao" tree. A man saw her, and fell in love with her. Well, to cut the story short, they got married and thus the place was called "Bolinao". And what I have just told was just one of the three popular etymological derivation of the place "Bolinao".
This western town of Pangasinan served as the watch point to ships or boats entering the land several years ago. The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse was erected sometime in 1905 by American and Filipino Engineers, on a hilly station near the popular Patar Beach. It was as high as the windmills in Ilocos Norte, perhaps, I cannot remember the exact height of them but somehow the structure’s height is similar to the windmills.
Travelers behind Travex Travels...whohoooo! @ Lighthouse, Bolinao.

Though the lighthouse was still standing, tourists are not able to get inside the lighthouse. The door was locked, and I have heard from other people that the stairway getting to the top point of the lighthouse was broken or damaged, and for that reason, it would be dangerous to walk on it. However, a sky shot was already enough for us to conceal that we have already went as high as the sky. It’s a wonderful jump shot.

The lighthouse was cylindrical in shape and it was painted with orange as its accent. However, the government seems to forget about its total renovation. I hope they do it so. It would be a more beautiful watchtower if the surrounding near it was landscaped. Though we were not able to hike the lighthouse, we were able to see ships sailing in the sea. It’s just that high.
Sky jump shot in Cape Bolinao Lighthouse!
If only it was possible to get inside the lighthouse of Bolinao, we would have stayed longer to enjoy the views and calmness of the area. Nevertheless, we went back to the trike and proceeded to the most popular beach in Bolinao, the Patar Beach. 

There is no entrance fee whatsoever in this lighthouse. Besides it looked like it was already abandoned. The lighthouse, which was already there more than a hundred years already, serves as the symbol of this town. When Bolinao means lighthouse after all.

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls Travel Series:
Part 4: Watching the Sky—Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

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