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Monday, May 6

Symmetry of Life: Bolinao Beaches Greet Us Good Morning

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Bolinao beaches greet us "good morning"!
It was needless for us to tell what happened after the sun set in Patar Beach, Bolinao. It was a great night of fun and card games. We also had our night swimming which was fun to do and a fraction of the remaining hours was spent to sleep. It was a great morning after.

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Symmetry of life. Photo taken @ Bolinao Beach, Pangasinan.
We stayed at the Holyland Resort that night. It was good and it has comfortable rooms but I find the specs of the rooms or the stairway not appropriate (the steps are steep). There is also something wrong with the edges of the pool which make it dangerous when somebody wants to jump over it. Nonetheless, it was still a great night when things like whispers of the lush waves of the sea put you to sleep. Oh so soundly.

The morning was a greeting for us. It was wonderful scenery. It’s a horizon of skies and blue waters, and slice of islets created by the sea grasses. The Bolinao beaches here are somehow not appropriate for swimming, but strolling around the one-foot depth of water is enjoyable. Anyway, it gets high tide when afternoon comes in. Bolinao beaches include the public beach in Patar, the sea grass beach in Ilog-Malino and part in Balingasay. Of course, the best of them is the one in Patar.

It was like symmetry of life, or a sky mirror shot. It was an amazing photo shot in one of the beaches in Bolinao. While there are sea grasses with small pools of water, sea waves from beyond are pretty enjoying their repeated splashes on the rocks. A soothing way of viewing things—and life too. It was like floating on the waters, with that odd sky mirror shot making the difference.

After minutes of walking around the area, we found out that there were several species of exoskeleton creatures that were transparent. Not a jelly fish, it was a crab or whatever. It was camouflaging in the pebbly and sandy shores of Bolinao beaches. It was hard to catch them, but look I took a shot of it. Guess where it is because it’s not that easy to find it.
Look at that sky mirror shot!
Bolinao beaches and the calm morning sunrise were a treat to the eyes. But this didn’t stop us to see how Patar Beach in Bolinao looks like when the burst of the sunrise strike on the beautiful sands of this beach in the western part of Pangasinan.
Did you find Mr. Krabby Patty in Bolinao, Pangasinan?

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