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Thursday, May 9

Wondering What’s Underneath the Wonderful Cave of Bolinao

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Inside Wonderful Cave of Bolinao, Pangasinan
After taking some video clips in Patar Beach by the morning, we already decided to check out at Holyland Resort (P1500/non-aircon room, good for 4 people, but you can request the owner to accommodate more, like us, we were 7, kung nagtitipid). Our next destination was Tara Falls but we took a short time to visit the Wonderful Cave in Bolinao. And we’re just wondering what’s underneath of it.

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls
What I don’t like was the fact tours in Bolinao were not that organized, unlike in Sagada. I mean, in Sagada, they have standard rates of different packages. In Bolinao, it’s not like that. Dapat marunong kang tumawad and things. And we felt a little ashamed by the fact we were “overpriced” on entrance fee going to the Wonderful Cave.
Path to Wonderful Cave
More than a year ago (at the time of posting), we went to Bolinao and had seen Enchanted Cave. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as majestic as Sumaguing Cave in Sagada. But it does have cool waters for swimming. The entrance fee in Enchanted Cave was P70 to those who will swim, and P50 to those who will just take pictures. Sadly, the last time we went, the driver said the entrance fee hiked to P100. That’s an insane idea and it looks like they were really monetizing that nature wonder. Para na silang resort sa entrance fee na P100. I remember the time I went to Timubo Cave in Camotes Island, Cebu and it was awesome—better than the caves in Bolinao, and guess what, entrance fee was just P15 (for maintenance). P100 is more than enough to maintain the cave (well unless they drain the water every night and replenish it a day after…which is impossible haha). I hope the government of Bolinao will impose standard rates on the entrance fees of the different tourist spots there.
Another sad thing was when we went to the Wonderful Cave, we were charged P490 for the whole group (or P70 per head). That’s total madness!!! Guess what we did inside, we just took like 10 photos and stayed there for less than 10 minutes! We didn’t even swim. For future visitors of Bolinao, I do not recommend you going to Wonderful Cave, because it’s not sulit. But if you still insist on visiting one of the three caves, I do suggest Enchanted Cave because somehow, it’s more popular than the others because Dyesebel of GMA7 was shot there. The sad thing there was that people are starting to be greedy. Can’t they just cut the greed? Oh I hope so.
Stairs down to Wonderful Cave

Anyway, there’s nothing much to see inside Wonderful Cave, unless you want to swim in its crystal clear waters. It’s a small cave, with a few steps down to it. What made us more curious was the fact there was another hole in the upper hill, and there’s another entrance to a cave underneath. We tried to go inside it, and we were surprised some of the rocks there were shining like crystals. It was just amazing to see it. There were bats inside the cave, and there is way going down to it. We didn’t proceed to get inside of it because we were not properly equipped. And it was dangerous. One slip of your feet can cause you death. We were just stupid adventurous to that hehe.

Wonderful Cave would have been better if it was managed by the government as part of its list. They should have managed to decrease the entrance fee (because P490 for a group of 7 who just took photos of it for less than 10 minutes is unjustifiable…hello?! We did not butcher dinosaur there!!)
Wonderful Cave would have been a ‘wonderful’ cave if not only for that pricey thing. But for now, I rate it 1 star out of 5 stars because of the greedy people who are managing the cave.

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls Travel Series:
Part 7: Wondering What’s Underneath the Wonderful Cave of Bolinao

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