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Sunday, May 5

Patar Beach: The Golden Sands and the Golden Bolinao Sunset

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Catch the golden sunset in Patar Beach, Bolinao.
A widescreen view of the sea can be seen from the hill where the Bolinao Lighthouse was erected, but it was still a surprising scene to see Patar Beach in Bolinao. It was just a few minutes from the lighthouse (there is actually a crossroad where the one road goes to the lighthouse and the other one to the public beach). I remember the first time I saw Patar Beach on a lunch time and the sands were really creamy gold. It didn’t fail me to bring my jaw drop again. Patar Beach was just that stunning.

Our Baguio-Bolinao-Sagada presentation featuring Bolinao, Pangasinan. You can turn on HD setting.

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls

To testify, another friend told us that this one indeed (Patar Beach) was more beautiful or better than the one in Pagudpud (Saud Beach). He said the sands were finer here than the ones in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. But look at that, Pagudpud beaches are at far more popular than Pangasinan beaches when it comes to “white sand” beaches in Luzon. The time he said that I wasn’t still able to judge because I was never been to Pagudpud. But just last April 2013 I got the chance to see Saud Beach in Pagudpud and yes, what he just said was true. Though the sands were white (but not that white really, it wasn’t the whitest), there are a lot of scattered small rough stones in the vicinity. Corals and rock chunks were also present in the shores of Bolinao, but they were mostly in the waters already. Hmmm, yeah whatever. I was not really a fan of these white sand beaches. But I like the white sand beach in Camotes Island, not because it was white but because the sands were even finer than the ones in Bolinao and they’ve got this view of Cebu Island and was that Bohol Island or Mactan? Pretty wonderful.
Patar Beach, Bolinao

Back to the story, our visit to the Bolinao Church, discovery of the lost stone in Bolinao and photo ops in the Lighthouse have prompted us to take a dip in the waters of Patar Beach, Bolinao. The small lagoon wasn’t there already, and the waters seem to be stagnant—not appropriate for swimming. Anyway, we just strolled around the area, made some clips for our music video and swam the rough waves of the sea. In Patar Beach, the waves are rougher by afternoon to evening, and calm by morning (because it was low tide). In contrast, the waters in Tambobong Beach were calm and don’t get that rough.

We told the driver that we’d wait until the sunset was done. That golden sunset I was told by my friend and sibling, and how they told that to me. As described, it was a golden sunset over the horizon of flickering lights from the sea and the golden sunset. Awesome. Everything is shimmering. Golden sands and a golden sunset—what now? It was beautiful.

There are still more time to visit Patar Beach to capture this wonderful moment. When we finally got to see the sunset, it wasn’t a sunny day, in fact it was a mostly cloudy day. Therefore, the sunset didn’t scattered much of its light to the sky, which I was anticipating. But truly enough, the sunset was still good.

Patar Beach is still my most favorite beach in Luzon (but I remember Collibra Island, it’s got these white sand and it was beautiful). Number one, for the golden sands, number two, because it wasn’t as crowded as some other places (I just don’t know now) and number three, for that beautiful sunset that took away our stress that time. Panalo!

By the way, there are free cottages in Patar Beach, you may ask your trike driver about it. Patar Beach doesn’t have entrance fee whatsoever so when you arrive there just shout that “the best things in life are free”!

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls Travel Series:
Part 5: The Golden Sands and the Golden Sunset of Patar Beach

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