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Saturday, May 21

Baler Pasalubong and that Sleep from Baler Back to Baguio City

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Coco jam and peanut butter, pasalubong in Baler, Aurora
When we reached our rooms in Sabang Beach, Baler, we eagerly packed our things and prepare to leave. I just sneaked a little time to actually revisit the waters of Sabang Beach and watch people learn to surf and those who already surf as their hobby. I said to myself, if ever I get to see Baler sooner, I will have to experience its surfing which Baler is famous for.

Part 14 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

Pasalubong Center in Baler, Aurora
Our two days and one night trip to Aurora is one of the most packed vacation we friends ever had. It was great and fulfilling. It was memorable. It was different.

When we finally bade goodbye to the owners of Jamjen’s, we realized it’s now time to leave Baler. Au revoir. Until next time. Our hired drivers brought to us to Baler Central Terminal where buses bound to Baguio leave. Beside the terminal is a convenient pasalubong center.

I bought my souvenir shirt for P290, a hand-painted one. T-shirts that are not hand painted are cheaper by a hundred bucks. We also bought keychains for just P15 (2013 prices). There are a lot of souvenirs you can buy at the Pasalubong Center. Coco jams, peanuts and other local foods can be bought here.
Pasalubong Center in Baler, where you can buy as much souvenirs and Baler pasalubong

Baler map

Baler sweet delicacies

Coco jam in Baler

Baler T-shirt (hand-painted)

Somehow, we arrived earlier than expected to catch up the last bus that leaves Baler for Baguio. It was almost 6:00 in the evening when the bus left Baler. Fare is P240 Baler to Baguio route (2013 rates). Be in the terminal before 5:30 in the afternoon or even earlier if you want to leave Baler for Baguio. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next morning.

It was a great trip that most of us slept while inside the bus, Me, I am awoke for an hour or two, just watching the laidback views of Baler and Aurora. It is a far flung town with a lush of history and a bunch of nature. Surely, we will get to taste Baler again, maybe not tomorrow but in a few years’ time.

Lizardo Trans, Baler to Baguio route

Baler Central Bus Terminal

When our bus had a stopover somewhere in Nueva Ecija, we had a light dinner (cup noodles for P30). The 8-hour ride from Baler to Baguio was a breeze since we almost slept all the way. We just notice that we were already in the Cordilleras when we felt the aircon temperature when we realized that we rode on a non-aircon ordinary bus of Lizardo Trans.

We went off the bus at the Slaughterhouse Compound area and from there, we separated ways. Some of my friends went back to La Trinidad and I and a friend went back to our comfort beds in our apartments. Baler seemed like a dream.

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