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Thursday, February 23

Clark-Subic Animalistic! Getaway

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Before we did our “The Pangasinan Escapade”, we had been to Central Luzon (some places) to see what this region can offer. Well, I am from Central Luzon, particularly in the town of Camiling in Tarlac, and I have already toured Subic so many times already. My friends though haven’t been there once, not until we planned to visit Subic.

Floating cottage in Paradise Ranch, Clark

Emo! @ New Camiling Church

Our main destination in this trip is Subic in Zambales (where The Ocean Adventure is located together with the only safari ride in the country, which is the Zoobic Safari). But because I am from Camiling, we also took the chance to tour around other places in Central Luzon. Finally, we decided to see Clark (and Camiling where my friends stayed for one night in our house there).

Doon po sa Nayon

The 2 owls of Zoocobia Fun Zoo

For this trip, we had not been to the beach, but much of the zoos (yeah we visited Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, another zoo-themed ranch in Clark also, and Zoobic Safari in Subic). It’s fun actually. But after that trip, it’s like we were already avoiding zoos and animals (if somebody will invite us a trip to a zoo, we would love to scream “Again!”)
Both Clark and Subic have enough to offer. And definitely, you’ll love animals. :)

PLACES INCLUDED IN THIS TRIP: Camiling (Tarlac), Clark (Pampanga), Subic Freeport (Zambales), Olangapo City (Zambales)
FEATURED SPOTS: Camiling Church and Ruins, Leonor Rivera’s Ancestral House (Jose Rizal’s girlfriend),Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Paradise Ranch, Barracks, Zoobic Safari, Tree Top Adventure Subic
HIGHLIGHTS: heritage tour, fun zoos, zooc ride (gravity go karts), safari ride, Aetas trail, crocodile farm, zipline, air surfing (silver surfer), canopy ride

Hay stack in Camiling, Tarlac

Saint Michael statue in Camiling Church Park

Treetop Adventure in Subic

PLAN BEFORE YOU GO: Clark-Subic Animalistic! Getaway Edition
As discussed in “The Pangasinan Escapade”, before you say, “Let’s go to the zoos!” it’s still better to sketch your plans first. Planning is so important that without it, you might miss some of the spots you must never ever forget to visit. Of course, we are setting aside other circumstances that may happen amid the travel which is unexpected most of the times. Other than that, it is also essential to list down all the things you and your barkada will need during the trip. So let’s break down all the things that should be setting in mind before yelling, “Let’s go!” (Excerpted from “The Pangasinan Escapade”)

1.      THE DESTINATION. Our main destination is Subic in Zambales but we stayed one night in Camiling, hence we did not ride a bus directly bound to Olongapo.

Entrance to Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo Footsteps
2.      WHAT’S FIRST?Using Garmin’s MapSource, here is the sequence of our trip:Camiling – Clark –Olongapo – Zoobic Safari/Tree Top Adventure.

Obstacle course in Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Note: The sequence above is for travellers coming from Northern Luzon. Travellers from Manila may skip Camiling, since it is a bit far already. Travellers may already start their trip in Clark then to Subic. For those who still insist in visiting the Church of Camiling and Leonor Rivera’s Ancestral House, it is better to package this place when you are heading to Bolinao for a trip, since the road to Bolinao from Manila passes through the town of Camiling.
Subic yachts

3.      THE ITINERARY. With regards to our itinerary, we planned to go out at 9 A.M. and have our three-day/two-night trip. This is our simplest itinerary:

Visit Camiling Church, Plaza and Leonor Rivera’s Ancestral House

Head to Clark for Zoocobia Fun Zoo
Try the Zooc Ride
Go back to Dau for an Olongapo bound bus
Rest at our hotel/lakwatsa in Olongapo City

Safari Ride in Zoobic Safari
Ocean Adventure
Tree Top Adventure

Entrance to Zoobic Safari

White spotted deers in Zoobic Safari

Your itinerary is like a draft; it may change as soon as you do your trip. You are just outlining of what could possibly be done within the time that you will visit the places.

4.      WHAT TO BRING? We are three when we did the trip, so we divided out things that we should bring. Here is our list of basic things that we brought when we had our trip. Most of the things were packed in both backpack and duffel bag.

·         HAND TOWELS
·         CAMCORDER
·         CELLPHONES
·         SANITIZER
·         SCHOOL ID (if you’re a student like us)

Yellow snake

5.      KNOW YOUR BUDGET!Our trip was initiated by buying three promo tickets to any of the theme parks of Zoomanity Group, the company which runs the famous Zoobic Safari in Subic and Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark (where the Zooc Ride is located). The ticket is worth P800 for an all season pass to any Zoomanity theme park in one year. All in all, we estimated our total expenses at P3000 – P4000 including our fare and pasalubong.
Treetop Adventure

Part 1: Camiling-Clark-Subic Getaway
Part 2: Booking Tickets & Hotel in Olongapo

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