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Friday, June 29

Feel the Nature at Camp John Hay Baguio

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Enjoy a wide angle view of green nature, fields and pine trees at Camp John Hay Baguio.

John Hay Air Station in Baguio, or more commonly known as the Camp John Hay was used to be a rest and recreational site of the US soldiers and personnel before.It was established in 1903, older than the city of Baguio itself, after President Theodore Roosevelt set aside a land in Benguet for a military reservation. Camp John Hay got its name from Roosevelt’s Secretary of State, John Milton Hay. Now Camp John Hay in Baguio serves as a recreational site and a nature adventure packed Baguio tourist attraction for travelers and visitors who want to experience a horizon of lush green grasses and pine trees. Camp John Hay is also a location of different shops and businesses.

Green fields Camp John Hay.
Pine trees at Camp John Hay in Baguio City.

Part 3 of Baguio Destinations (Again and Again)

We were not lucky to visit the Bencab Museum and thus we found ourselves to Camp John Hay, one of the more popular Baguio tourist destinations. Our first stop was to take a sip and get to know the owner of Choco-Late de Batirol. As Ate Haiz was talking to the owner of the restaurant, Emil and I somehow got bored and lucky we wandered the place for a while. We went under the shades of the trees, took some pictures, did some jump shots and felt the nature exclusive in Camp John Hay.

Visiting the place is free, but of course getting inside stores, eat some food or drink coffee is not free. Camp John Hay is a shopping haven as Ayala Techno-Hub was erected there. But more to a shopping destination, John Hay is more popular because of its nature adventure. Camp John Hay is a good place for people who want to try paint ball games, wall climbing adventure, experiencing zip line, rappelling, Tree Top Adventure, eco tour, target shooting, playing golf and a lot more. There are also attractions like Butterfly Sanctuary where you can bring kids. The Cemetery of Negativism and a church was also found here.

Camp John Hay also houses some of the best hotels and resorts in Asia. The Manor, a world-class hotel is in Camp John Hay. Golf courses are around, and for marketers who want a good venue for their event, there are also conference halls or convention center where they can hold their event in Baguio.
Camp John Hay, lower part.
Joven of Travex Travels with fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers, Emil (Asiong32) and Haiz (Journeying Pinay).
A mystical tree covered with hundreds of leaves on its trunk.
Witty jump shot at Camp John Hay!
Turn the subject on a different angle!

We didn’t get the chance to wander more of Camp John Hay so we decided to walk the way to Pacdal Circle (we took the other entrance to Camp John Hay other than the one that goes to PMA). We did a little bit of a walk tour, just enjoyed the green views and eventually exited to the main road. Here we are already near to other Baguio tourist attractions like Botanical Garden and Wright Park. We decided to take a taxi though back to the downtown.

Hug a pine tree for a longer life!

So there, if you want to experience some nature adventure and fun with friends, go to Camp John Hay Baguio and try doing some of the things I listed here. Camp John Hay has a lot of things to offer; it is an activity filled tourist spot with fine dining restaurants and glamorous hotels. But never worry, Camp John Hay has no entrance fee whatsoever. You can actually just go there, take a brisk walk and just have a picnic with your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be a jam packed itinerary for you to enjoy Baguio in Camp John Hay. Just how you appreciate the nature is good enough. So  hey, go ahead and visit Camp John Hay!

Pine trees and nature.

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