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Saturday, February 2

After Baguio White House, It’s Diplomat Hotel’s Turn to Become a Movie

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The Diplomat Hotel Ruins in Dominican Hill, Baguio City. (January 2013 photo)

There is really something in Baguio that turns this cool city to a nightmare. Not because it is a mountain city but because it is a lovely destination for haunting and the haunted. Baguio City is not just well known for its strawberries, sunflowers and the lovely Igorot people. It is also a city where you find those which cannot be found.

Another Ghost Movie ala Baguio Tourist Spot

It was few years ago when a team of producers, actors and actresses went to Baguio to feature this haunted white house in Leonard Wood. The Laperal White House, or the Baguio Haunted White House was the overall location of a mainstream Filipino film under the title “The White House” which then starred Gabby Concepcion and Maricar Reyes. The entire setting was shot inside the wooden house, which was a popular Baguio attraction. It then became more popular though the house was not open to public. But that was before because the house is now open for viewing.

After its somewhat success, this time another movie will be released featuring another tourist spot in Baguio. It’s an indie film with a working title “The Diplomat Hotel” with its location to be set in this not so popular haunted attraction lying on top of the Dominican Hill in Baguio City. You see, if you’ve never known Diplomat Hotel before, it’s time for you to meet this tourist attraction before it becomes more popular. The Diplomat Hotel Ruins is one of the combo tourist spots located in the Heritage Park, together with the World’s Largest 10 Commandments Tablet. It is also walking distance (if you have lots of energy to walk) from the Lourdes Grotto.

According to sources, “The Diplomat Hotel” will star Gretchen Barreto, a known antagonist Filipina actress in her roles. It will be her first casting in a so-called independent division of film. Her role was that of a “disgraced reporter” who will go to Diplomat for a documentary that features the creepy vicinity with its devilish nightmare and ghost apparitions.

The indie movie was set for official shooting days in March 2013. It doesn’t have any official screening date yet but it was said to be released this 2013. For the people in Baguio, it’s another thing they should watch for.

It now sounds like Baguio is getting more like Seoul or South Korea not because it is the most Korean-populated city followed by Subic, but because the entire city is becoming the shooting scene of movies and series nowadays. In Korea, the filmed locations were turned into tourist spots. And now, Baguio is becoming well-known because of this genre. Just last December 2012, One More Try, the best-picture film of Angel Locsin and Ding Dong Dantes, was again filmed in this cool city of Baguio. I remember how excited a stranger tourist was when we toured Diplomat a few weeks ago. He even yelled, “Tara sa taas (ng Diplomat), dun nag-shooting is Angel Locsin!” (Let’s go upstairs (of Diplomat); there is where Angel Locsin filmed her scenes!) Wew. It’s as if Angel Locsin was still there waiting him. Ahaha.

If you are fond of watching indie films and particularly those that feature Baguio City, then you can count on “The Diplomat Hotel” this 2013, if no changes will be made. If you are a tourist who has never heard of Diplomat and has never been there once, I suggest you visit the place this coming parade days of Panagbenga 2013. By then, when you watch the movie soon, you can tell to your friends, “Uy! Nakapunta na ako diyan sa Diplomat!” (Hey! I’ve been to Diplomat already!)

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  1. AKO!!!! Nakapunta na ako hehe lols

    Serendipitous yung pagpunta natin! We were lucky tourists/visitors! We were able to explore up to the top with the huge cross. Perfect timing ika nga^_^

    Cille =)

    1. Yep!! Tama. Actually last din nung nagpunta kami with fellow travel bloggers, close din. So we're lucky talaga!


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