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Friday, February 1

Panagbenga 2013 Opening Day: Drum and Lyre Competition and Ronda Pilipinas Ceremony

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Kids from the Quezon Elementary School smiled for our Travex Travels post for the Panagbenga 2013 opening day.
Not much words to say, Panagbenga 2013 in Baguio formally opens this day. Panagbenga Festival is an annual month-long fiesta which features drum and lyre competition, lake fluvial parade, street dancing parade and the much awaited flower float parade. The former event in the list, was concluded awhile back and winners of the drum and lyre competition in the elementary departments were already officially announced. Plus the awarding ceremony of the Ronda Pilipinas, a cycling competition, happened on Lake Drive of the Burnham Park.

Burnham Park days after its dredging process last week. It was refilled with fresh water for the Panagbenga fiesta.

A Panagbenga 2013 Fiesta Starter

I was supposed to attend and watch the drum and lyre competition of the different schools in the Athletic Bowl, but I woke up so late. But anyway, drum and lyre competition is what you used to see during Foundation Day or the usual district competition in the different parts of the country. The difference here in Baguio—the kids were wearing flowery costumes in tune of the opening day of the festival.

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From what I scooped from other competitors, Baguio Central School has the best drum and lyre performance this year. By the way, the drum and lyre competition is the first of the several offerings of Panagbenga Festival. And oh, you have to pronounce the ‘e’ in Panagbenga as ‘schwa’ sound. It is a Kankanaey term used to describe the blooming of mountain flowers. It is not a Tagalog word so you don’t pronounce ‘-benga’ as in ‘ten’ or ‘pen’ but ‘e’ in the word “matter”. “PanagbƏnga,” that is.

There was this leg of cycling competition too in Burnham Park. And speaking of Burnham Park, the Burnham Lake on its center was still at low tide. It doesn’t have anything to do with the moon or the stars, but the lake was recently dredged and the water that used to fill the lake was replenished. As of now, you may find the lake in drought, with low water level, but at least you can already try boating somehow. Filling the lake with more water is still in the process.

Burnham Park is still at low tide after its massive dredging a few days ago.

Cyclists attend the awarding ceremony of the Ronda Pilipinas competition.
Back to the cycling competition, the Ronda Pilipinas winners were formally announced awhile back. I am not so familiar but winners include Jerry Aquino, John Paul Morales, Ronald, and this Navarra coming all the way from Koronadal City in South Cotabato. This Mindanaoan won the King of Mountains thing in cycling, I cannot recall the full title. Hehe. What I recall was that he was the first Mindanaoan to land on this prestigious award.

The winning kiss of that lucky winning cyclist of the ROnda Pilipinas competition!

I cannot tell much of the Ronda Pilipinas but here is some glimpse of what happened in the opening day of Panagbenga 2013:

The winners and hot chicks of Ronda Pilipinas 2013.

Ronda Pilipinas 2013

Ronda Pilipinas in the opening of Panagbenga 2013

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