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Sunday, February 10

Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom in Panagbenga and 2013 Burnham Regatta

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As soon as the "thousand flowers bloomed" so thus the activities like painting and regatta.

The Baguio Flower Festival was not only made for tourists, it was also created for the families who live in Baguio. Last February 10, 2013, a “Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio” was celebrated and it focuses on family oriented activities like painting activities, kite flying activities, Baguio Burnham Regatta, variety shows and “bring me” games.

You can turn on the HD version of the videos posted here for better viewing.

Panagbenga 2013 Series: 1000 Flowers and a Boat Race

One of the paintings done for last Sunday event.
Another fun-filled weekend indeed happened. Last Sunday, the “thousand flowers bloom” formally opened through the beautifully and emotionally created artworks of the participating students, families and tourists who painted their efforts to make Panagbenga 2013 a more creative fun festival. It was indeed. A day after the challenging “comics art” Komikon Baguio, another “arts” activity was witnessed by the festival goers. And so we “let a thousand flowers bloom” on the grounds of the Melvin Jones open area.

The artists were very passionate about their paintings. They were meaningful and express what ‘A Blooming Odyssey” is all about. If I will be the judge, I will rank most of them equally but well it’s a competition so there should always be a winner. Photos and videos are posted here so they speak for themselves.

On the other side of Burnham there was this first ever regatta on Burnham Lake. “Regatta” means a sail race or a boat race. All the participants of the boat race were already winners because the crew will only select three competitors who will vie for the first prize of P1500. The second and third competitors who will finish the race will receive P1000 and P500 respectively. Walang katalo-talo indeed.

A team participant of the Burnham Lake Regatta
Bamboo Art in Panagbenga 2013

The Burnham Regatta has different categories—from family to one man to couples to “beckies” to foreigners—it was very fun! Hopefully next year, the regatta will compose of more than 3 participants so it will be a total riot haha. Tourists who watched the regatta definitely enjoyed the race.

The three big universities of Baguio—Saint Louis University, University of Baguio and University of the Cordilleras—held their own booths on the Melvin Jones grounds. There was also this booth of the Philippine Bamboo Arts and it was amazing. Their crafts were entirely carved using the bamboo stems.
The hosts of the variety show and bring me game.
Student kid up for painting session.
The variety show which happened on the grandstand showcased the talents of the students from the different universities. Comes night, another fun filled variety show was held. There was also a fireworks display that was so amazing and amusing. I will be posting soon the night sequel of last Sunday’s buffet. =D

For the meantime, check out the photos (and the videos) I posted or you can check out itineraries that will suit your tour in Baguio.

Panagbenga flower painting activity
Let a thousand flowers bloom.

It's more fun in Baguio.

Sabi ko na nga't may crocodile sa Burnham Lake eh!

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