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Monday, February 25

2013 Panagbenga Float Parade

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The Rio-inspired theme float of 2013 Panagbenga Float Parade.

Panagbenga Festival or Baguio Flower Festival is truly one of the best festivals celebrated in the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. The festival, which is yearly celebrated in the month February, boasts off several grand floats adorned entirely of everlasting, roses, cosmos, tulips, calla lily and more. Those small flowers create a bigger picture, a model out of the flower mosaic. And these works of arts are attractive enough to attract hundreds of thousands of speculators.

Panagbenga Float Parade. You can turn on the HD settings.

Panagbenga 2013 Series: Float Parade

More people watched this year’s grand float parade. To testify, we went to upper Session Road as early as 4 AM, only to find out all the closest lines were already fully occupied! Some of the tourists already slept there I guess, but I’m not going to do it, maybe just next time, I’ll try to get my own media pass too. The 2013 Panagbenga Float Parade was a total hit to the tourists because you can see how excited they were as they waited more than four hours before the show actually started.

Like the street parade, it was formally introduced with some dances to the tune of “Chachacha” and “Gangnam Style”. People started to shout for joy when they heard the songs. Later on, the city mayor walked too and some other cultural performances were shown.

Strawberries! (Benguet float)

After all the performances, the first floats were those of the city itself and SM. Baguio City’s float was inspired by the Lion’s Head located in Kennon Road, just before you reach the City of Pines. SM, on the other hand, preferred to choose the theme of Dora, The Explorer. The two floats were pleasing to the tourist eyes.

There were a total of 15 entries. All of them were beautiful. But what I really liked in this particular float parade was the Rio-inspired float theme, with no other than 1st runner up Miss Universe, Shamcey Supsup. It was very beautiful, and she was so hot! And Blue of Rio was really cute.

I also appreciate Benguet’s entry which was a riot of fruits and vegetables being grown in the province. The strawberry was really a huge one, and the flowers used to make it just compliment the entire float. The other float with the awesome effect was that of the Bioderm. It has all the smokes and machines, and there is this robot on the float.

But what made the tourists shout and shout for happiness was when we saw the artists of the two giant TV networks ABS-CBN and GMA7. GMA7 brought the cast of “Indio”, a historical epic drama, with Bong Revilla as the supercast of the said show. Rhian Ramos was also present and some other actresses also cast of the show. On the other hand, Robin Padilla graced this year’s ABS-CBN float, promoting the heavy drama “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw”.

Buti pa si Blue, nakatingin sa camera, si Shamcey hindi hehe.



Gary V.

Cosplayers were also present and the final act was a black dragon dance. All the floats were brought to the Athletic Bowl for display, and later for photo ops. Of course we had our chance to take pictures of these wonderfully made artworks. The mosaicked models were amazing.
ABS-CBN 60 years

After the Panagbenga Float Parade 2013, we headed for some window shopping in Session in tune of its Session in Bloom. It’s all worth it—all the perspiration expensed during the making of all the floats were given back by the super ‘wows’ of the watchers. And for us tourists who watched this beautiful event, it’s worth it. If you still haven’t seen such, it’s now time for you to watch 2014 Panagbenga Float Parade.

Panagbenga 2013 Festival Series:
Extra Scoop: Komikon Baguio

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  1. I skipped this for HABF in Clark and its great to see posts like this, at least, next year, I will see Panagbenga :)

    1. Sayang. But you can still watch next year Doc Wends! And hope to see you too next time. =)

  2. Soooo much flowers! I remember when I watched the parade for the first time in 2010, there weren't much flowers because of the frost brought about by the unusual temp of 9degC. Can't wait to witness this vibrant event again!


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