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Monday, February 11

2013 Panagbenga Night Variety Show, Fireworks Display

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The previous Sunday night, in tune of the Panagbenga 2013, was glittered with bright fireworks display.

Another one good day has passed last Sunday, with its “thousand flowers” which bloomed and the first ever boat race on Burnham Lake of Burnham Park called Burnham Regatta, tourists still had their calories for the night’s buffet of variety show and the speculated wonderful display of fireworks.

Turn on the HD version for better viewing.

Panagbenga 2013 Series: The Show and the Bright Night Lights

Singing club of as performers of the night show
The night variety show started at around 6:30 PM. It’s the same thing I saw during the day but this time the setting feels like I was in a concert or in a disco, as the cabaret lights are shimmering. And of course, the talents of Baguio people did not fail us. They were indeed very good in dancing and singing. Some of them even joined the dance segment of ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime”. The night variety show featured pop dance, crumping, break dance and all you see in the modern dancing. There were also pep squads who unleashed their breathtaking (a bit) skills.

Came 8 PM and they started off their fireworks display. It was amazing. But it was not as grand as the ones I’ve watched in Enchanted Kingdom late last year. But anyway it was that remarkable for people who have never seen fireworks that close before. It was a beautiful night. The lights and fireworks were like beacons flashing on the surface of the sea.

Panagbenga fireworks display

 I cannot talk much of the event as it was short. But it was fun. It was a great weekend with the addition of a no-class day on Monday of February 11, 2013. I will be posting the “Baguio Spring Festival” parade right after this so be sure to catch up!

Burnham Park @ night

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