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Tuesday, December 30

Welcome to Quezon Ancestral House in Baler, Aurora

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Dona Aurora Aragon-Quezon Ancestral House in Baler, Aurora

There are so many interesting ancestral houses in the Philippines, other than museums like Museo de Baler. For one, these old houses withstood the test of time, dating back to 1600s or even older. They had witnessed the worst of the catastrophes and even though they were part of it, they did not evaporate. Long live these ancestral houses as they are the strong proofs of one’s rich heritage. One of which is Aurora Aragon-Quezon Ancestral House in Baler, Aurora.

Part 4 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

Aurora old portrait
Having not enough historical experience in this capital town of Aurora, we headed to an old structure called the Quezon Ancestral House in Baler. It is a few blocks only away from the Quezon Park (where Museo de Baler is located) and just in front of the small Baler Catholic Church. You might as well think it is just one of the old kubos of the residents there, but yep, it is an ancestral house.

Donya Aurora Quezon, or Aurora-Aragon Quezon, was the wife of President Manuel Luis Quezon. She was also the First Lady of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944. She was actually the first spouse of a Philippine president to be called like that, as it cannot be found whether the wife of Emilio Aguinaldo was called as such. Aurora was born in 1888 in Baler (which was then part of the bigger Quezon province), and to commemorate her existence, Aurora province was named after her.

Donya Aurora Aragon-Quezon Ancestral House in Baler, or simply the Quezon Ancestral House is another tourist spot worth checking out since it’s only a mere distance from the other historical landmarks of the town. The last time I remember I went to an old house was the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House in Cebu; however the Quezon Ancestral House was years younger than the former. By the way, donations are what Quezon Ancestral House gets to maintain the landmark.

Baler Aurora Travex Travels Video

Old local costumes inside Quezon Ancestral House

Painting inside the house

Old books

The ancestral house was a very simple house. Though the house had already gone some changes and major restorations, the original design and details were almost not altered. It was still a typical old bahay kubo, with wooden stairs going to the living room, the walls were installed using wooden materials and the roof was made of nipa or Palmer’s grass.

Well inside, you will get to see some local costumes, the typical old paintings and portraits of the old important people, old books and some furniture. You will only spend a few minutes inside it since the vicinity is small. What you will get to appreciate is the effort to maintain the structure.
Old vintage car of Manuel Luis Quezon

Quezon car presidential marker

Vintage Car Club of the Philippines Logo

Outside is another presidential vintage car by Manuel Quezon. The car was restored by the Vintage Car Club and it had undergone another restoration in 2009. After some photo ops, we decided to check out Baler Church which is just in front of the Quezon Ancestral House in Baler.

Vintage car plate

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