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Tuesday, April 9

Trail Down to Bokong Falls in Sagada

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Bokong Falls in Sagada

After our en route quest to the Underground River of Sagada, we finally headed to the smallest of the three falls—Bokong Falls, which is a few minutes from the rock formation along the way. I, Christian and the two backpackers have gone to the woods to finally see the small falls.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

From the rock formation heading right facing the Rock Valley Inn, there will be two roads at a particular crossroad—the one going down and the one going up. Take the one going down and it will lead you to the entrance going down to Bokong Falls, while the other one will lead you to Kiltepan Mountain and the orange farm of Sagada.

After a few minutes walking along the road, you will see an entrance balustrade similar to what you see when you choose to ride a particular nerve-racking roller coaster. This will lead you to the woods and a few minutes will take you to the cool waters of Bokong Falls. The trail to Bokong Falls is going down, down and down, so be sure to walk carefully because we met someone on our way back that happened to slip on one of the rocks and voila, muds on his pants.
Entrance to the trail down Bokong Falls
The scenery was beautiful. Sagada was an entire paradise. I love the way how the mountains cascade on other mountains and the pine trees adorn the sky blue atmosphere and green fields.
Beautiful scenes await you along the trail to Bokong Falls

We reached Bokong Falls at last. It wasn’t majestic or whatever, but the back drop of the entire setting was awesome. Bokong Falls was that small, it’s even smaller to the Bolinao Falls 1 and somewhat of the same size with Tara Falls in Bolinao. According to locals, Bokong Falls is the safest of the three falls for swimming. Kids can swim here knowing that there is a small pool beside it.

We did not swim in the pool but we saw a few kids swimming in the vicinity. It was fun watching them dive from the upper portion of the falls down to the pool. If I brought some shorts for it, I would have tried to dip my body in the lukewarm water of the pool.

Other tourists said that Bokong Falls was a series of smaller falls (like a cascading one) but we did not check out the upper smaller falls because Bokong Falls was more like an irrigation falls. It was small and simple. But we did not regret going there because all the other scenes we saw during our trail down to Bokong Falls were amazing.
It's a paradise.

Bokong Falls

We finally left Bokong Falls after a few minutes of snapshots. On our way back we met a family who are on an adventure trip. I can’t believe they even brought their kids for a trek in Banaue!

After that we headed to Yellow Inn to rest for a while (my second and third nights were spent here). Bokong Falls might not be a beautiful dream but my next stop, which was Sumaguing Cave, were just that awesome.

One of our fellow trekkers fell down the slippery muddy grade.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada Travel Series (Parts 14-19):
Part 16: Trail Down to Bokong Falls in Sagada

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  1. As usual a great Travelogue and pics to go with it, thanks for the insight into beautiful Sagada.


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