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Saturday, March 30

Sagada History Told Inside Ganduyan Museum

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Ganduyan Museum, Sagada

After getting some persimmon lemon pie inside the Persimon Café, we went for a short glimpse of the Ganduyan Museum. The museum tells about the culture of Sagada and how the Sagadan people lived before. It’s a small museum packed with all the history of Sagada it can get.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

The Ganduyan Museum is fronting the new town hall of Sagada. It’s like a house where the second floor was used to store the antique belongings of the old people. Entrance fee to the museum was something like P15. This will only take a few minutes inside so better check out the museum.

You are not allowed to get inside with your slippers or shoes on. So better yet remove them before your feet land on their floor. It was not also allowed to take pictures of the items when I went there. So I do not have any photos to show you.

My friend happened to be my own tour guide inside the museum. Hmmm... But I cannot remember much of what he told me haha. What I saw inside the museum were old clothing of the elderlies, weapons and jars. My guide told me that the early people of Sagada also do trading with the Chinese people that’s why they have porcelain jars or pots. He also told me about the differences of the clothes of the people of Sagada from the people of Kalinga.
History and more inside the museum
I cannot remember all the other things but what I observed was the fact that Sagada has a rich culture and tradition. And the items contained inside Ganduyan Museum was just a glimpse of the entirety. It’s for you to check it out to be able to grasp a little of Sagada.
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