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Tuesday, April 9

Amazing Sagada Rock Formations

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Sagada limestone rock formation

From the Yellow Inn nearly in front of the Yoghurt House, we decided to check out Sumaguing Cave. The way to Sumaguing Cave and Lumiang will pass by the side of the view deck of the main Sagada rock formations. It was now my second time to see the rock formations again but this time the weather is good and sunny thus photos are bit clearer.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Nature and more in Sagada
Back tracking some events, we went to the Ganduyan Museum at noon time to preview a part of Sagada history and culture and went for a quest to the Sagada version of Underground River. After checking out the short underground river, I, a friend, and the two backpackers have decided to check out Bokong Falls, which is the smallest of the three falls (Bomod-ok, Pongas and Bokong). It was such an amazing adventure.

The next leg was to check out the main Sagada Rock Formations, Kapay-aw Rice Terraces and Sumaguing Cave (arranged chronologically). The rock formations are just so good the second time around (my first time was when we passed by the view deck when we went to Lumiang Cave a day before).

To describe the rock formations, picture the postcard-perfect limestone formation in El Nido, Palawan. The next thing you do, move or transfer the limestone over the pine-clad forest of Sagada—that’s what you get. Gigantic limestone formations over the mountains. Their difference with El Nido was that the ones in El Nido were found on islands.

Look at those rocks!

I just wonder if you happen to land on these rocks from a parachute dive?

The rock formations were like icicles pointing upwards, more like a stalagmite that’s found outside the cave. It appears to be small from a far, but man it was gigantic! You will see a lot of these rock formations in Sagada.

On some parts of these gigantic rock formations were hanging and stacked coffins. These coffins are not open for close-up public viewing unlike the popular Hanging Coffins of Sagada found in the Echo Valley.

Naturally carved rocks in Sagada

Another set of hanging coffins in Sagada

I asked my friend if there was a trail for tourists so they can get closer to these rock formations, he said there was, it wasn’t open for public or tourists. Thus, these rock formations were just exclusive for your eyes only.

However, seeing the other up-close rock formations in Sagada were enough.

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