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Wednesday, May 8

The Beach of Patar (Morning Side)

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Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan by morning.
It was a beautiful and calm morning, and just after we strolled around the beaches in Bolinao where it is not appropriate for swimming (because of the marine life there, like sea grasses, fishes, and star fish), we headed for Patar Beach to see the other side of it—the morning. When we went there in 2011, it was noon time (golden strip) and yesterday, we arrived there in the afternoon (golden sunset). Today, we are braving to see its wonder in the morning. And it was a beach.

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls

To get to Patar Beach, you can hire a trike for P150 (one-way), P300 (roundtrip, the trike driver will wait) or P1000 (all-in, including out-of-the way water falls). We went for the all-in tour, because Bolinao Falls (and Tara Falls) are must-see falls too. Hmmm, some kind of watery adventure isn’t it? When we arrived in Patar Beach, Bolinao, we were there to take some video clips for our dedicated music video (haha). Watch our video on Youtube. Nobody dared to swim again, because we were longing for the water falls and other than that, the morning side of Patar Beach was a low tide. I thought it was always high tide but when we went there in the morning, it was like the “pool was drained”. Like you have to walk a few more meters so the water is up to your waist level.
Patar Beach

Our visit this morning to Patar Beach is fruitful, because we made enough clips for the music video (and we were that crazy to make one haha). I don’t know if it was a cool video to you, my reader, but we honestly enjoyed doing it as well as making it. Just like that.
Patar Beach in the morning is a calm beach. It was beautiful, except that there are sea grasses floating in the area (that’s normal, it means fish were really living there). We just strolled a little more and just relaxed while looking at the beach (Life’s a beach!). After some time, we decided to leave Patar (goodbye!) and went on for a 2-minute caving inside Wonderful Cave in Bolinao.

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