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Friday, September 20

One Summer Breakfast at Plaza Salcedo, Vigan City

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The past can be a mirror of the present. Photo @ Plaza Salcedo, Vigan City.

It all started one summer day in April 2013. I and my mom were excited for the nth time to visit Ilocos, but first time to see the windmills. The night before it, we went to the meeting place where our bus was supposed to fetch us and after a long seven-hour trip that seem so endless, at last, we arrived in the heart of Ilocos Sur—Vigan.

The Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud Ilocos Triple Combo One-Day Panalo Trip!

Miniature wonders of the world in Plaza Salcedo
One thing that Vigan attracts tourists is this oldie setting. At 7 AM, this very tight Ilocos trip allowed us some few minutes to wander the city. At this point in time, most of the fast food diners and restaurants nearby are still closed (even Jollibee). Luckily, we packed something for breakfast. Hotdogs and adobo—enough to survive the mild morning in Vigan. This is the first leg of our one-day Ilocos trip.

We decided to have our breakfast in one of the benches of Plaza Salcedo—the most popular plaza or park in Vigan City. Other tourists say it has luminous fountains at night which are spectacular to watch. Nonetheless, in the morning, it’s a just-right place for us to relax and sit back from a lengthy trip and finally devour our much-awaited homemade meal. If there was only enough time, I would have tried checking out a few of the popular delicacies and restaurants there. But this is an “Amazing Race” type of trip. Thus, I don’t have time to do so.
Plaza Salcedo was under refurbishments when we visited it.

Old clay pot with design...seems to be floating on the lagoon.

Plaza Salzedo is a small piece of land with much of concreted surface, a small lagoon with fountains and statues and clay pots, benches and mango trees. It is where you will get to see a 360 view of the nearby old structures—the Capitol, the Vigan Cathedral, another park, 1600-ish inspired shops and hotels. Kalesa are also available for those who would love to experience riding in this very old mode of transport. You might also observe that their tricycles are also kalesa-inspired.
Bet you want a kalesa ride!

Honasan in Vigan City

The heart of Vigan City has several tourist attractions to check out. No wonder, it’s one of the many heritage sites in the Philippines. Plaza Salcedo is just one of them. And since this is a fast paced trip—I decided to check out all the other landmarks—possibly in ninja moves. Haha.  The truth is, I wasn’t able to see everything, but somehow managed to check a few. And it all started with Plaza Salcedo.

The replica of the monument in Luneta. The background building is the Ilocos Sur Capitol.

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