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Saturday, October 12

Animals and More at Baluarte in Vigan

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Jurassic-themed part in Baluarte, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.

Hayuuuup! So it’s not just about visiting the heritage sites of Vigan. Vigan is also the home of “Baluarte”, a zoo owned by a politician whose roots were from this region. There is no entrance fee in Baluarte so when you are in Ilocos Sur for a trip, don’t miss this out.

The Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud Ilocos Triple Combo One-Day Panalo Trip!

Bird inside Baluarte
I thought I was never be back again in a zoo. I remember the times when I and my friends visited the zoos in Clark and Subic…and after that I shouted not to visit the animals again. I mean, you know, we went for a tour inside Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark then a day after, sa Zoobic Safari naman. Almost all the animals were identical. Did you even bother ask that when you visit a zoo? I saw the owls in Clark, I saw it again in Subic. I saw the ostrich in Clark, I saw it again in Subic. Were they transferred from Clark to Subic when we visited them? Wala na bang iba? Maybe it would be more exciting if I saw an ostrich with the head of an octopus or a horse with the wings of an ostrich or maybe a yellow snake with a hundred feet. Ahh. That’s centipede already. Yeah. Whatever. All I’m saying was visiting a zoo in a trip is already enough. More than that will make you dumb.

A big no, no when visiting a zoo is to take pictures of you while standing beside or in front of animals like monkeys, apes or orangutans. And then show your picture to your closest friend. Don’t wonder if he asked which one in the picture is the monkey and which one is the human. And so I did not have any photos of such when I visited Baluarte in Vigan City. Haha. For that sake, goodness haha.
These birds are near the entrance of Baluarte

According to ChavitSingson.net, Baluarte started off as a rest house in 1991 with celebrity friends like Fernando Poe Jr. as regular visitor spending long weekends. The place has already considerable numbers of domestic animals like monkeys, chickens, large lizards (bayawak) and rare bird species, right inside the Baluarte forest, these rare bird species are found only in there. Governor Chavit, loves nature and exhibits passion for animals. Baluarte setting is that place where he can enjoy peace and quiet and away from the demands of a busy life and urban living. As a political leader of Ilocos Sur, people searched for him continuously.

From the entrance of Baluarte you will witness the birds. You go further and you will see the Jurassic-themed part of the zoo bearing the word “Baluarte”. You will also pass by the very famous ostrich that without them, a zoo is not a zoo (#justsayin’). I think the ones at the farther view are deer. I’m not sure if they were the white-spotted deer. Or did I even say deer? I wasn’t even sure if they were deer anyway.

Batterfly sanctuary inside the zoo

We reached the Jurassic-themed Baluarte and took opportunities to take photos with the life-size dinosaurs. They were awesome. At least their dinosaurs were way, way more gigantic than the most popular dinosaur of all time—Barney. And they were not crazily painted purple. Perfect!

We then visited the butterfly sanctuary. Luckily I was able to take a photo of a butterfly. And that’s it. Not much to see there other than the cocoons and the framed butterflies on display. After that, we went near the souvenir shop to buy some t-shirts bearing “Vigan” on it. I was supposed to visit the farther part of the park, however I was already exhausted and it was hot that time that if I have to visit the entire zoo, it will take me half day to finish the tour. My energy was already partly depleted when I started my tour in Plaza Salcedo, then Vigan Cathedral, Bantay Church and Calle Crisologo. This is the one-day Ilocos combo trip that is so exhaustive that I’d rather stay in Vigan for one-day rather than visit Ilocos Region in one day.

Butterfly na tumatambay sa dahon ng gumamela.

Butterfly remains.
 I got one t-shirt as souvenir in Baluarte. We were only allowed to roam inside Baluarte for just one hour and you know, time flies when you’re having fun. I didn’t feel one hour has already passed away that we need to get back to our tour bus again, ride for two hours and head to Ilocos Norte. Hasta la vista!

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