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Friday, May 9

Bangui Wind Farm: Where Wind is Life

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Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Tumultuous sweats linger on every foreskin I had as we continue our journey to my most wanted scenic spot in Ilocos Norte—Bangui Windmills. The last time we went to Ilocos we only reached up to the City of Laoag (where i tried its empanada). This time, we went all the way to Pagudpud, passing by the beautifully and technologically crafted power-producing windmills. The windmills are that efficient that people of Ilocos Norte are enjoying lower electricity rates than the other provinces in the region.

The Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud Ilocos Triple Combo One-Day Panalo Trip!

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Well, the main purpose of putting up wind farms is to generate electricity without compromising much of the environment. Phase 1 of this project which consists of 15 turbines was inaugurated in 2005, while Phase 2 with 5 more was completed in 2008. Phase 3 is still under construction and expected to be complete by middle of 2014. They are pursuing on expanding this project because we all know that wind energy is a renewable energy. And when we say renewable energy, the source is something that can be or is replenished on a cyclic basis.

Wind speed in the northern part of the country is enough to produce power that can eventually be converted into electric energy by the use turbines. The myth that windmills are noisy I think is a mere superstition, since when I went there, the sounds of the giant propellers are not that disturbing. In fact, it is serene that it adds to the beauty of the ocean and mountains backdrop especially when you take photos of it. Kudos to those who initiated this idea, it not only produced electricity in the region, but also created livelihood to the locals by priming the place as a tourist spot. From a typical seashore barren land to a top tourist destination in Ilocos Norte. Ingenious.

And since this is an ala Amazing Race one-day Ilocos trip, we were only allowed to experience the farm for a few minutes so I grabbed that opportunity to take several photos because it was my first time then. My experience is amazing. I may have seen wind farms on several Hollywood movies but this one in Ilocos Norte is the MOST beautiful of them all. The wind farms in the other parts of the world were just like putting up several big electric fans on a purely deserted (but windy) terrain. Bangui Wind Farm is picture perfect.
Bangui Windmills

Wind means life in Ilocos Norte

There are souvenir shops on the shore mismo of Bangui Bay where the windmills stand. One can buy miniature windmills display, key chains, ref magnets, and others. I remember we bought key chains for P25 each (same for ref magnets) and miniature windmill. After a few minutes while the sun was still up, we continued to our last destination on this particular journey—Pagudpud Beach.

Souvenir miniature windmills in Bangui, Ilocos Norte

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