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Tuesday, February 14

Escape to Bolinao

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Patar Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

WHAT TO SEE: Low tide seas of Bgy. Ilog-Malino, golden beach of Patar, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse (the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines), rock formations, underground caves, falls, rivers, resorts

WHAT TO EXPECT: nature trip, unspoiled beaches, rural settings, natural wonders, accommodating Ilocanos, rough roads

Part 6 of The Pangasinan Escapade

Ilog Malino Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan
We waited for a bus bound to Bolinao across the Five Star Bus station in Alaminos. After about five minutes, an ordinary Victory Liner bus arrived and stopped by the road and we got inside it. It was already 7 PM when we rodein the bus for another-hour-and-a-few-minute drive to the terminal. The individual student fare was P38. When we reached the terminal, we got out of the bus and looked for a trike to hire. 

NOTE: Guide on how to to go to Bolinao, see "How to Go to Bolinao".

Fortunately, there is one. So we hired the trike (I can’t remember the name of the driver already) for P200. The driver shall take us to Patar beach. By the way, the fixed fare for a tricycle ride to Patar shall only be P150, but we didn’t bargain because it’s been already past eight in the evening (and come on, Patar beach is a very far flung coast south of downtown Bolinao). The way to Barangay Patar is a long road and some parts of the road are not yet asphalted or cemented (I hope the town mayor pays attention to it). 
Patar Beach sands

Haha epic, parang pinapagalitan lang kasi lumusong sa mas malayong part ng dagat!

Our transient room in Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Unfortunately, it started to rain while we were on our way to Patar. Our driver suggested that we stay in the transient rooms of his niece. So we checked it out at Baranggay Ilog-Malino (there is really a river there which is the Malino River). Bgy.Ilog-Malino is nearer from the downtown. So when we reached the driver’s place in about 15 minutes, we eagerly checked the room and it turned out to be nice (we didn’t have choice but to stay in a transient room since it’s raining). At first, his niece told us it was P1,000. After bargaining for a cheaper price, it got down to P700. The room was fully furnished, had enough size for the four of us, and had a well-ventilated restroom when we were there. Though the room was not air-conditioned, there was a stand fan available. The caretaker even lent us their grilling range. And with that, we ate a sumptuous grilled boneless milk fish that night. If I will have the chance to rate the totality of the transient room that we rented and the experience we had, I’ll rate it nine stars out of ten stars. Why? These are the reasons:

  1. The room is fully furnished and is comparable to a hotel. They also have air-conditioned rooms for rent.
  2. The caretaker is very friendly and accommodating. She even helped us cook our grilled fish and let us use their other amenities.
  3. They let us wander around the beach in front of the transient room. The sand there is brown and not as beautiful as that one in Patar but it’s worthy to walk the very low seawater of the shore.
  4. It is very affordable at just P700 for the four of us compared to Punta Riviera or Puerto del Sol which has a night accommodation of more than P3,000 for 4 pax.

Coconuts in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Patar Beach in Bolinao!

 If you are on a tight budget like us but you want to stay in a nice room for a night in Bolinao, I recommend this place. I can’t remember the name of the transient rooms but it is located very near from Puerto Del Sol Resort and Punta Riviera Resort (two of the famous Bolinao resorts). It is also located amid two sari-sari stores. If you want to stay in the room where we had spent our night in Bolinao, may be you can try inquiring when you are already at Bgy. Ilog-Malino.
The foot prints in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Walang katamatayang planking sa Bolinao

If you are looking for Bolinao resorts, there are a lot of them. Some of the Bolinao resorts include Punta Riviera, Puerto del Sol, Treasures of Bolinao and a lot more. These Bolinao beach resorts also tour packages so you may want to consider that.

Feel the white sands of Patar Beach, Bolinao


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  1. can I get the contact number of the transient huse? thank you. please email it to prettyshe_anne@yahoo.com

  2. Okay. But I am not sure if the number is updated but just try it anyway. I'll be sending the phone number to your e-mail ad. :)

  3. hi, can i have the # too? tks. -casper_gurl08@yahoo.com

    1. Just sent it to your e-mail ad! :)

    2. H,i pwede din po ba kunin ung number? Tnx. santosjayson9216@yahoo.com

  4. Hi! Can i also have the number of the said transient house? Thanks! You can send it in my email add kaycelynperez@gmail.com

  5. Hello! Can I also have the number? We plan to go there by the end of the month. Thank you! tazmeg14@yahoo.com

    1. 09193684584

      This is the phone number of the trike driver who happens to be the uncle of the owner I guess. Try to contact and ask him about the rooms. :)

  6. hi can i get the name of this place?

    1. Hello, I do not remember the name of the transient house already. It was night when we got there and the driver only mentioned it once and we did not bother to ask it the morning of next day...as we are so excited to see the beach. :)

  7. Hi ! Can I also have the number? Thanks here's my e.ad heebum10@gmail.com

  8. can i also get the number?pls email it to jam_manzano@yahoo.com. tanx

  9. Are you familiar with SCL Garden Paradise Resort?
    Sa ilog malino din kasi sya... at first akala ko dun kayo kasi "medyo" may hawig yung labas ng room eh. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Hindi eh. Baka bago yung resort. Andami na sigurong mga bagong resort dun. Maganda kasi talaga yung beach. Nagboom yung industry. :D

  10. Ano po contact no doon or email? Thanks

  11. Ano po contact no doon or email? Thanks

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