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Sunday, February 12

How to Go to Hundred Islands

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One of the islands you will see when you go to Hundred Islands National Park

How to go to Hundred Islands from Baguio:
·         Take an ordinary Victory Liner bus bound to Dagupan, or a Genesis Bus at Gov. Pack Road. It takes around more than 2 and a half hours before you reach the terminal in Dagupan. In the Victory Liner Bus Terminal, look for a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales and drop by the bus stop in Alaminos City. Hail a tricycle to Hundred Islands.
·         Take van bound to Dagupan at Pines Garage. It takes around 2 hours before you reach the van terminal in Dagupan. In Pines Garage in Dagupan, look for a van bound to Alaminos City. Travel time is around 1 hour.Hail a tricycle to Hundred Islands. Or you can ride an ordinary VL Bus bound to Bolinao and drop at the terminal in Alaminos. Bus leaves from Baguio at around 11 A.M. to noontime or so. Just verify the schedule before your departure.

Part 5 of The Pangasinan Escapade
Hundred Islands

How to go to Hundred Islands from Manila:

·         Ride a Victory Liner Bus or a Five Star Bus bound to Bolinao, Anda or Alaminos. Get out of the bus at the terminal in Alaminos then call a tricycle to Hundred Islands.

·         For private vehicles, the road must be the one that passes Camiling town in Tarlac, and then track the signs that lead to Hundred Islands.

 How to go to Hundred Islands from Cebu:

·         You can take a flight from Cebu (PAL, Airphil, Cebu Pacific or Zestair) to Manila, and then follow the tip under “From Manila” item.

·         You can take a flight from Cebu (Cebu Pacific/Airphil) to Clark. Ride the shuttle bus (jeep) that goes from the airport directly to Dau Terminal. From Dau, you can heed the tip under “From Manila” except that you are starting right at Dau in Mabalacat.

Hundred Islands friends

To the peak!

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