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Tuesday, April 3

Baguio Day Tours (Destinations for Baguio Tour)

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Mines View Park--one of the many Baguio City tourist spots for an ideal Baguio tour.

Many people want to travel to Baguio and have their own Baguio tour but not everyone knows what exactly the Baguio tourist spots are and how to get there. Basically, people know that Burnham Park is located in Baguio but not all people know that Baguio Burnham Park is located near Session Road, or the bus terminal and they can actually do trips without riding a cab. People’s only resort to touring every Baguio tourist spot is hiring a cab and spend big bucks which they must not be spending. And for those who are on a tight budget, they limit the number of Baguio tourist destinations they visit. Again, if you are yet to plan your very own Baguio day tour (or day and night tours), you have to set this in mind—touring Baguio is NOT expensive (as to what other people know). From Manila excluding the round trip bus fare and accommodation, P1000 is already enough to visit most of the tourist attractions in Baguio plus eat at one of the best Baguio restaurants plus buy souvenirs and pasalubong for two persons!

:: This is Part 1 of Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions) ::

10 Commandments Tablet, Diplomat, BAGUIO
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Baguio is a city located in the mountains of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). Baguio held its centennial celebration last 2009, cherishing the developments it has gone for a hundred years. Officials and professionals also held a planning workshop, a design charette that compiles students’ ideas of how Baguio will look like after the next 100 years. Luckily, I was one of the few people chosen to attend this event. By the way, if you want to call my attention for your next Baguio trip, just contact me and I’ll try to meet up with you or give you suggestions and guides so you will have a Baguio trip on an affordable budget.
Baguio Cathedral

HIGHLIGHTS: walk tour, picture taking, horseback riding, photo ops with horses and big dogs, lake boating, shoe skating, and much more

Burnham Park, Baguio City

PLAN BEFORE YOU GO: Baguio Day Tours

There are a few things we should list down here prior to doing this tour in Baguio. Check them out:

THE ROAD. If you plan to do every place a walk tour, then you have to condition yourself to walking or hiking roads uphill and downhill. If don’t want getting tired of this, then walk tour in Baguio is not advisable for you. Water is also important because touring Baguio is tiresome but fun.

The Mansion, Baguio City

THE ITINERARY. If you plan to visit every tourist attraction in Baguio in one day, scrap it. It is NOT doable. Camp John Hay is a vast land of different business buildings, nature adventure, tourist spots and walk tours. PhilippineMilitary Academy is very far from Baguio City downtown aside from its very wide campus. Visiting Lourdes Grotto requires energy to climb its almost endless upstairs. Combine these three Baguio tourist destinations and get your body pain.

Mines View Park, Baguio City
In the next posts, after Part 1 of Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions)different Baguio itineraries were presented. An example is combining Camp John Hay and Philippine Military Academy for a Baguio day tour, then let the other hours of the day for rest or dining in a chill restaurant in Baguio. (But you can always make your own itinerary as the ones made here were only guides and suggestions).

THE CAMERA. Baguio is a city full of photo subjects so never miss out anything nice just because you forgot to charge your battery or worse you forgot your camera.

Pink haired horses in Baguio City

THE BUDGET. List of expenses will be presented in the next posts so travelers will have a big hint on how much they should budget for the tour.

Other tips are similar to what I posted in Baguio Walk Tour: Leonard Wood so please check them out. Baguio City is one of the best places in the Philippines for a barkada outing, family get-together, batch reunions, touring you and your kids for a vacation and even for a solo backpacker!
Helicopter at Philippine Military Academy

Rose Garden, Burnham Park, Baguio City

Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions) Travel Series
Part 1: Baguio Day Tours (Guides and Tips)

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  1. Nakakamiss ang baguio kahit nababansagan na syang City of Lost Pines.

  2. I like the old Helicopter. I really like your images here. :)
    Mines View Park is really the best sightseeing destination in Baguio. Although I am afraid of heights. :)

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